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Discover the world of Microsoft on your smartphone The best Microsoft apps If you're always on the go and and need to use every minute to finish your tasks, then this collection is for you! Explore the best Microsoft apps for your Android that will help you in the fast and convenient execution of both office work and everyday tasks! By Hilmar - Date: 02-06-2019
Microsoft Outlook Preview 3.0.88
Microsoft Outlook Preview 3.0.88

Easily manage your e-mails, calendars and contacts.
Microsoft Teams 1416/
Microsoft Teams 1416

A handy workspace chat for companies
Microsoft To-Do 1.45.98
Microsoft To-Do 1.45.98

A great way to be more productive with your day!
Skype for Business for Android
Skype for Business for Android 6.3.0

Get the power of Lync, for your mobile device
Microsoft Apps 3.5.1
Microsoft Apps 3.5.1

Discover all of the Microsoft applications!
OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) 5.33.4
OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) 5.33.4

Put your files in the cloud with this application
OneNote 16.0.11727.20002
OneNote 16.0.11727

Never forget anything with the OneNote app
Microsoft Word 16.0.11425.20132
Microsoft Word 16.0.11425

Now you can create Word documents on Android devices.
Microsoft Excel 16.0.11126.20063
Microsoft Excel 16.0.11126

Edit an Excel spreadsheet remotely from your Android
Microsoft PowerPoint Preview 16.0.11629.20124
Microsoft PowerPoint Preview 16.0.11629

Work on your PowerPoint presentation anywhere!
MSN News - Breaking Headlines 19.095.03
MSN News - Breaking Headlines 19.095.03

Follow the news and stay updated with this app!
Microsoft Translator 3.2.326i 1a9f3754
Microsoft Translator 3.2.326

Quickly translate phrases with this app!
Office Lens 16.0.11126.20106
Office Lens 16.0.11126

A great pocket scanner for docs and whiteboards!
Picturesque Lock Screen  APK
Picturesque Lock Screen 2.9.4

Customize and bring your lock screen to life!
Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta
Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta 8.1.27

Have remote access to your Microsoft desktop!
Microsoft Band 1.3.30123.1
Microsoft Band 1.3.30123

Gathers and interprets your fitness information
Microsoft Office Mobile  APK
Microsoft Office Mobile 15.0.5430

Always take your Office documents with you on your phone
Mimicker Alarm  APK
Mimicker Alarm 1.1.0

A fun and intelligent way to wake up
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 1.7.2016.03020
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 1.7.2016

Create smooth and stabilized time lapses on your phone
Microsoft Kaizala 1.1.0714.3411
Microsoft Kaizala 1.1.0714

A tool that makes it easier to work as a team
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure 1.5.3

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge 42.0.2

Enjoy this incredible Microsoft app on your Android
Office for Android – Word, Excel, PDF & Slide 1.3.9
Office for Android – Word, Excel, PDF & Slide 1.3.9

Now you can use Microsoft Office on your Android device
Microsoft Solitaire Collection 4.2.11161.0
Microsoft Solitaire Collection 4.2.11161

The original solitaire game now on Android!
Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.1.58

Control your Microsoft desktop with this remote app