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I am mother of two kids who loves using her tablet as a tool – whether an education tool with her little ones or a cooking/DIY idea generator around the home.
I have great feedback about productivity apps and ways to make your Android work for you.

"Move the objects around to fill the buckets and unlock cannons!"

Screenshots of Cannon Shot!

Main Features of Cannon Shot!

  1. Game Goal: In this entertaining puzzle, you will have to aim with a cannon to get all the balls into a cube so you can move on to the next level.
  2. How to Play: You will have to calculate the trajectory of the shot. The problem is that the balls must bounce or dodge various objects to get into the cube.
  3. Game play: Includes hundreds of levels which get increasingly more difficult as the game progresses. You'll be able to acquire additional cannons.
  4. Languages: English.
  5. Size: 35M
  6. Operating System: Android
  7. Developer:   Super Tiny Games
  8. Recomendations: May contain mild nudity or violence in a fantasy setting.
  9. Price details: No payment is required to access all the upgrades. Free
  10. Installation requirements: A minimum of 35M of free memory space and Android 4.1 or higher.

Useful Tips Cannon Shot!

  1. Sometimes you will need to shoot the balls little by little because of the moving objects in your path. Check out this video for more information about the gameplay.

POSITIVE about Cannon Shot!

  1. Large number of levels and challenges.
  2. No internet connection is necessary.
  3. Colorful graphics and very dynamic animations.
  4. The controls are easy to learn.
  5. Doesn't take up a lot of memory.

NEGATIVE about Cannon Shot!

  1. Contains ads.

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