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APK security details

Version: 4.2.0
Updated on: 19-07-20
Size: 3.91 MB
Signature: C833B619AED3308F4AAA0B8869FE40A0B75E712B
APK File SHA1: F6FFD6DDFD97F00AE999338848790091EBDAB7B3

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  • - All our APK files are safe and free from virus or any other sorts of Malware.
  • - An authentication process takes place in which the cryptographic signature of the app is matched and contrasted to ensure that the APK file is from a trusted and legitimate developer.
  • - All APK files we provide are original and completely free. We don't offer APK files for paid apps.

VirusTotal Security Report

0 out of 61 antivirus say Halo 4.2.0 is suspicious
Latest scan: 2020-05-06

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