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Main Features of 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Free

Game Goal:

60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Free is an exciting and action packed adventure game set in the thrilling and dangerous Cold War era of the United States, in the game you must ensure your family is able to reach the nuclear bunker in time during a significant nuclear threat.

How to Play:

In the game you have a total of 60 seconds to secure your families safety and cross the level ensuring you have found sufficient supplies and rations to bring to the bunker. After making it there safely, your job is to help your family survive on the limited resources you have found.

Game play:

The gameplay involves both action and careful strategy and management of time, in order to ensure your families survival you must find food and complete challenging puzzles in order to make your way to the bunker in time safely.


The interface supports common languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French and German


21.0 MB

Operating System:



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Installation requirements:

A minimum of 21.0 MB of free memory space and Android 4.0.3 or higher.


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POSITIVE about 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Free

The game has simple and precise controls.
The game can be enjoyed offline.
The game boasts impressive visuals.
The game has an exciting and satisfying story.

NEGATIVE about 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Free

The app has a large file size.
Some stage can be quite challenging.

Useful Tips 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Free

Be sure to keep an eye out when exploring levels for vital items that will aid you in your game performance.

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