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"The best Spiderman images in augmented reality"

Screenshots of The Amazing Spider-Man AR

Main Features of The Amazing Spider-Man AR

  1. App description: The Amazing Spider-Man AR is an app that plays Spider-Man in action through augmented reality effects.
  2. Functions: Through this augmented reality app, the user can shoot cobwebs, visualize Spider-Man in the real world fighting off criminals, climbing or jumping from one building to another.
  3. Activities: The user has the option of taking photos while Spider-Man is in action and then sharing them with Facebook or Twitter friends.
  4. How to use: Use the Android camera to scan AR-inspired images from the Spectacular Spider-Man movie to unlock 3D animations that can be viewed through augmented reality.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Size: 31M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Price details: No in-app purchases required. Free

POSITIVE about The Amazing Spider-Man AR

  1. It is an interactive and fun app.
  2. Lets you take photos and share them with friends.
  3. It is easy to use.

NEGATIVE about The Amazing Spider-Man AR

  1. Not compatible with all versions of Android.

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