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"A scary snakes game for your Android"

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Main Features of Crazy Snake

  1. Game Goal: Relieve the 8-bit era with this new version of the classic snake game. Handle the snale and try to elude other intelligent snakes in fun and exciting levels.
  2. How to Play: Each level has three different levels. Control a single snake and complete the tasks. Snakes can be either simple, giant or flying. The last two appear only after level 8.
  3. Graphics: The colourful graphics have a retro look with fluid animations and scenarios that guarantee hours of fun for all players.
  4. Sound: The sountrack resembles NES games, which brings a nostalgic feel to the game.
  5. Game play: The boosters allow you to increase the strenght, flexibility and agility of your snake, making the game more dynamic and addictive.
  6. Controls: It has a complete tutorial with videos that explain rules, bonus and info about the controls. All movements are made by touch control.
  7. Languages: English instructions only.
  8. Size: 5,0M
  9. Operating System: Android
  10. Developer:   cmyksoft
  11. Recomendations: Great pastime and entertainment for the little ones.
  12. Price details: Free app with paid internal upgrades. Free
  13. Installation requirements: A minimum of 5,0M of free memory space and Android OS which Varies with device.

POSITIVE about Crazy Snake

  1. You can play offline.
  2. Compatible with older devices.
  3. The gameplay is interesting and fluid.

NEGATIVE about Crazy Snake

  1. Features some ads.

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Crazy snakes I love this game


Good very better game

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