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I love using flexible and lightweight apps.
I'm a huge fan of my S5, especially for playing at the weekend .
When I'm away from screens, I enjoy going to pubs

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Main Features of Assassin's Creed™

  1. Game Goal: The main character is part of a brotherhood of assassins whose mission will be to defeat various enemies to define the course of history.
  2. How to play: You must use your skills to pass through obstacles, jump holes, fight enemies, etc.
  3. Graphics: The images are very detailed, with a pixelated style and a retro look like Prince of Persia.
  4. Controls: The arrows and buttons are at the bottom corners of the screen and they can control all the character's movements.
  5. Languages: Multi language: English, Spanish, Italian, French.
  6. Content Classification: Appropriate for all ages, especially for the more nostalgic ones, who will like it.
  7. Platform: The graphic style.
  8. Requirements: Android 1.1 or higher.
  9. Useful Tips: Be careful when jumping over holes, as small mistakes can cost you your life.
  10. Size: 3.0M
  11. Operating System: Android
  12. Developer:   Gameloft
  13. Price details: Free app with no further costs. Free

POSITIVE about Assassin's Creed™

  1. It has several levels available.
  2. The difficulty level is challenging and fun at the same time.

NEGATIVE about Assassin's Creed™

  1. Users have reported that the game presents incompatibility with some devices.
  2. Dated graphics may not appeal to some players.

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Awesome game with cool weapons and smooth gameplay


First real game in the market,great work

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