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"Unleash alien power in this Ben 10 battle game "

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Main Features of Ben 10 Xenodrome

  1. Game Goal: Play as Ben 10 and unleash his alien powers. Battle the evil in the galaxy by collecting alien DNA to gain more alien skills. Encounter enemies like Forever Knights, Charmcaster and more.
  2. How to Play: There are 8 stages of this battle game: begin in Ben's home town and complete your mission at the end of the galaxy. Battle each of the 15 enemies and power up to transform into your favorite aliens to use their skills against evil.
  3. Game Options: Ben 10 Xenodrome has a multiplayer mode which enables you to play against other players using Bluetooth. 
  4. Game play: This game has the first turn-based battle system of its kind.
  5. Controls: Intelligent controls that are simple and fun.
  6. Content Classification: For children who love Ben 10, ages 6+.
  7. Platform: Android smartphones and tablets 
  8. Requirements: Requires Android 2.0.1 or higher 
  9. Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Thai.
  10. Size: 55M
  11. Operating System: Android
  12. Recomendations: Any indication of violence is portrayed in a fun or fantasy context.
  13. Price details: Paid upgrades within the app. Free
  14. Installation requirements: A minimum of 55M of free memory space and Android 2.3 or higher.
  • Rating: The TOP 1 Most popular games in Ben 10 Theme category.
  • Ranking: The TOP 5 Most downloaded games in Ben 10 Theme category.

POSITIVE about Ben 10 Xenodrome

  1. Transform into 9 different aliens from the Ben 10 TV show
  2. Battle against 15 evil enemies of Ben 10

NEGATIVE about Ben 10 Xenodrome

  1. In-app purchases apply to this game

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