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"An application in case you lose your phone"

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Main Features of Anti Theft Alarm -Motion Alarm

  1. App description: Burglar Alarm is an entertainment application that triggers an alarm whenever someone tries to manipulate the user's mobile device.
  2. Functions: You can activate and deactivate the alarm over the Internet, control sensitivity, use a password to stop the alarm, set the time to turn the alarm on and off, select the alarm sound and receive spy photos.
  3. Activities: The app doesn't protect the device against theft, but prompts the user every time somebody tries to manipulate the mobile device.
  4. Recommendations: For those who want to protect the device from curious friends.
  5. Platform: For Android phones.
  6. Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.
  7. Size: 4,4M
  8. Operating System: Android
  9. Recomendations: The app content is moderate and child-friendly.
  10. Price details: Free app with no further costs. Free
  11. Installation requirements: A minimum of 4,4M of free memory space and Android 2.3 or higher.
  • Rating: The TOP 10 Most popular Apps in Anti Theft category.

POSITIVE about Anti Theft Alarm -Motion Alarm

  1. Activate and deactivate the alarm over the Internet.
  2. Several theme options
  3. Elaborate and creative graphics.
  4. Check the sensitivity level.

NEGATIVE about Anti Theft Alarm -Motion Alarm

  1. The alarm is stopped if the volume button is activated.
  2. A lot of advertising

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