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"Take a stroll through beautiful and fun scenes"

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Main Features of Happy Wheels PRO

  1. Game Goal: HappyWheels Pro is a side-scrolling arcade in which the player must face real physics effects during an obstacle course.
  2. How to Play: The player must control a man on an electric scooter, wheelchair or any other vehicle, on a course with deadly obstacles that range from bombs and spikes to sharp harpoons. The goal is to cross the entire finish line.
  3. Graphics: The animation is fluid and the scenarios are varied, in this case, the obstacles change and multiply as the player advances in level.
  4. Controls: Touch the buttons on the screen to move the character and perform radical maneuvers.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Size: 2,8M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Developer:   LoggyDev - Developer recommended by Google Play.
  9. Price details: No payment is required to access all the upgrades. Free

POSITIVE about Happy Wheels PRO

  1. More than 15 levels with increasing difficulty.
  2. Create new stages by using an integrated editor.

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Aswem nice cool i love it Awesome Exellent


Haha A perfect passtime game

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