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"The new experience of ordering food home"

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Main Features of hellofood Order Food Delivery

  1. App description: With Hellofood - Food Delivery, ordering food to send to your home is much simpler than ordering it by phone, since you'll not just see the menus on your Android device, but you'll also choose among a variety of restaurants available in your city.
  2. Functions: Browse through the categories of restaurants and food places available, or discover a new one based on other users' experiences. See the menu on screen and make your order in a simple and fast way.
  3. How to use: First select your city, to see a list of restaurants nearby, then select one and touch the screen to see the menu. Touch the option you want, and then touch the screen once more to confirm the order.
  4. Languages: There are different versions available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
  5. Recommendations: Great for people who frequently order food for their home over the phone, since this app will not only simplify the process, it will also improve the experience by letting you see the menu and let you discover new restaurants in your surroundings.
  6. Platform: Tablets and smartphones.
  7. Size: 6.34 MB
  8. Operating System: Android
  9. Recomendations: Recommended for families.
  10. Price details: Free app with no further costs. Free
  11. Installation requirements: A minimum of 6.34 MB of free memory space and Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Rating: The TOP 10 Most popular Apps in Food Delivery category.
  • Ranking: The TOP 10 Most downloaded applications in Food Delivery category.

POSITIVE about hellofood Order Food Delivery

  1. Over 30,000 partner restaurants.
  2. Review comments left by other users and write your own commet about the restaurants.
  3. You can see the menu on the screen.

NEGATIVE about hellofood Order Food Delivery

  1. Few cities available.

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Baron The best


Especially when leaving back home


I absolutely love the quick response too


Its very easy to order on the way


Nice Its excellent

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