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"A fun Titan action game with several levels to defeat"

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Main Features of Attack to Conquer

  1. Game Goal: Download this action filled game inspired by Attack on Titan. In this version, the play must fight a giant while overcoming many obstacles. Run, jump, climb walls and shoot the giant until he is defeated while staying clear of counterattacks!
  2. How to Play: The most important thing is to master commands to be able to control with precision. Do whatever it takes to search the village for the giant and defeat him with lethal blows. When the giant shoots the blue light, do everything to avoid being hit or the game will end.
  3. Graphics: The animation is fluid enough to keep the player involved in the plot, which takes place in a virtually empty village. Despite the well-defined 3D graphics, the scenarios are bleak.
  4. Controls: The game is fully controlled using gestures, for example, tap the ground to run, press and drag your finger to jump and double tap the ground if you want to roll, etc.
  5. Languages: Interface available in English.
  6. Size: 45M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Developer:   kamasu
  9. Price details: Free app with no further costs. Free

POSITIVE about Attack to Conquer

  1. Control tactile devices adapted to small screens.
  2. Although similar, the game has several missions.
  3. Fluid animation.

NEGATIVE about Attack to Conquer

  1. The scenarios are very dark.
  2. English.

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6 Opinions about Attack to Conquer


It's a good game. But here are some suggestions that will help. 1. By all means, get rid of the pop-up ads, or give an option to 'x' it. 2. Camera needs a lot of fixing. And I think the auto-camera is quite useless so might as well get rid of that too. 3. Add a 'pause' button which gives an option to return to the menu or 'retry' because I accidentally hit the button and had to fight lots of time. 4. In God's name, do add more characters. Especially Petra Ral. 5. Please create difficulty level. 6. Make sure the 'skip' button cannot touch the ground. So annoying when characters move around.



In order to share your feedback and suggestions with the developer, you can contact them at: kamasu@kamasu.jp


Great game love the anime but

Questions and opinions about Attack to Conquer


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