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"Help agent 47 in these mind boggling puzzles"

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Main Features of Hitman GO

  1. Game Goal: Hitman GO brings a different approach to the Agent 47 series, where you must fulfill several objectives in puzzles, on maps that are similar to game boards.
  2. How to play: Each phase requires fulfilling with a number of goals, so check out the map and check the amount of moves available to develop your strategy.
  3. Graphics: The 3D animations are very smooth and simulate a real board puzzle, with characters and sceneries that have the look of plastic material.
  4. Game play: A unique game style that combines the best of several genres, with various ways to achieve the same goal.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Content Classification: For those who like puzzle games or are fans of the Hitman series.
  7. Platform: Phones and tablets.
  8. Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and later.
  9. Size: 23M
  10. Operating System: Android
  11. Recomendations: Features infrequent, mildly frightening images or sounds.
  12. Price details: A paid app with an option to purchase further upgrades. US$ 0.99
  13. Installation requirements: A minimum of 23M of free memory space and Android 2.3.3 or higher.
  • Rating: The TOP 5 Most popular games in Hitman category.
  • Ranking: The TOP 5 Most downloaded games in Hitman category.

POSITIVE about Hitman GO

  1. Innovative gameplay.
  2. Excellent graphics!
  3. Several phases.
  4. The challenges have a good difficulty level.

NEGATIVE about Hitman GO

  1. You need a device with high processing power.

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Simply and playful


Fun and addictive!


Excellent! Beautifully designed game


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Worth the cost!

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