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"Now you can easily get over 5000 followers on Instagram!"

Main Features of 5000 Followers for Instagram

  1. App description: Want to become an Instagram superstar? If so, you'll need real followers and that's what this app is for. Install it and you'll become an Instagram star overnight. 5000 real followers are waiting for you!
  2. Functions: The app brings 5,000 real followers to your page every single day. It also includes a 'protection from cancellation' option which means the followers won't be able to unfollow you.
  3. Activities: You can quickly switch between your Instagram pages, as well as exchange coins between them, which makes attracting additional subscribers even easier.
  4. How to use: Follow the Instagram users you are interested in to earn coins and spend them on self-promotion to attract real subscribers to your page.
  5. Controls: Intuitive touch interface.
  6. Size: 6,0M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Developer:   Social Star
  9. Price details: No payment is required to access all the upgrades. Free

POSITIVE about 5000 Followers for Instagram

  1. Does what it promises.
  2. The ability to exchange coins between pages.
  3. Easy to use interface.
  4. Doesn't take up a lot of memory.

NEGATIVE about 5000 Followers for Instagram

  1. It's not on Google Play.

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Yes, I want that 5000 followers


Walah Its like magic

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