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"Physics puzzle game wrapped in a mystery"

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Main Features of The Room

  1. Game Goal: The Room is an immersive puzzle that requires your concentration to decipher the different mysteries to complete the game.
  2. How to Play: Before starting you can see a tutorial. You are located in a room; the first clue is a ticket. From there, you have to unravel the puzzles to advance and may request clues.
  3. Graphics: The game features a unique setting: a room with a huge box, but the graphics printing for realism and richness of details and textures.
  4. Game play: After a while, the game becomes repetitive.
  5. Controls: The multi-touch control is easy to use but very precise, requiring you to have patience to repeat the gestures. The menu to exit or pause is at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Languages: English.
  7. Content Classification: Players ages 16+.
  8. Platform: Android phones and tablets.
  9. Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.
  10. Size: Varies with device
  11. Operating System: Android
  12. Developer: Fireproof Games is based in United Kingdom - Developer trusted by Android Market.
  13. Recomendations: Features infrequent, mildly frightening images or sounds.
  14. Price: US$ 0.99
  15. Installation requirements: Android 2.3 and the minimum space isn't specified.
  • Rating: The TOP 10 Most popular games in Hidden Object Games category.

POSITIVE about The Room

  1. Music and high-quality sound effects that match the game well.
  2. The 3D graphics are very realistic and rich in detail.
  3. It's a fun and complex game, great for entertaining the user for hours.

NEGATIVE about The Room

  1. It has few levels.
  2. The game is not compatible with all Android devices.
  3. You can play only once because once the mystery is revealed it makes no sense to repeat the game.

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