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"Customize your Beyblade and defeat your rivals!"

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Main Features of BEYBLADE BURST app

  1. Game Goal: Beyblade Burst is a digital version of these spinning tops where you have to fight one on one duels against other beyblades to be the best.
  2. Game Goal: Show off your skills in tournaments and battles full of famous Beyblades.
  3. How to Play: Each beyblade has unique special attacks and you'll have to use your aim to launch and battle your opponent, if you win you get rewards for improvement with other pieces and colors.
  4. How to Play: Defeat your enemies by tapping the right time to launch special powers to Bleyblade in every battle.
  5. Game Options: You can play offline or challenge real people in online multiplayer mode.
  6. Graphics: The game has simple graphics, animations and many special effects. The highlight is the third-person camera.
  7. Graphics: It has a colorful aesthetic which boasts futuristic designs of beyblades and smooth animations that achieve spectacular effects of attacks.
  8. Sound: Although simple, the soundtrack is exciting and adds excitement to the battle.
  9. Game play: Besides having dozens of types of spinning tops and pieces to personalize, it also allows you to use the camera to scan your actual Beyblade to use in the game.
  10. Controls: Touch the screen and icons to decide when and what power you will use to defeat the opponent.
  11. Languages: English.
  12. Platform: Android-powered phones and tablets.
  13. Useful Tips: Organize your Beyblades between attack, defense and agility to avoid problems during the battle.
  14. Size: No specification
  15. Operating System: Android
  16. Recomendations: Does not contain violent scenes.
  17. Price details: Free app with no internal purchases. Free
  18. Installation requirements: Android 2.3 and the minimum space isn't specified.


  1. A perfect way to kill time.
  2. The graphics are cool.
  3. There are no age restrictions.


  1. Not compatible with all Android versions.

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This app is very good! I like it....


Great gamr Its fun to play


Everyone should have this game


Does not let me get in the game


Cooool but we can't buy in Singapore why


Finnaly after all these years :,)

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