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"Combine high-strategy and action in this robotic war!"

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Main Features of Robot Invasion

  1. Game Goal: In this futuristic game, robots want to wipe out the human race from Earth, so your mission is to help them!
  2. How to Play: The player must customize the robots and, in the course of the game, make them stronger so they can take over the Earth. You'll also need to create robot armies, taking into consideration the skills of each type, and then select the ones most fitting for the missions according to the country.
  3. Graphics: Although varied, the lack of resolution, color and detail in the environments makes the game a bit bland.
  4. Controls: In addition to using the screen buttons, the user needs to play in the game interface to attack opponents.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Size: 9,5M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Recomendations: Contains realistic references to smoking, drugs or criminal activity.
  9. Price details: Some upgrades require payment. Free
  10. Installation requirements: A minimum of 9,5M of free memory space and Android 2.1 or higher.

POSITIVE about Robot Invasion

  1. Easily mastered gameplay.
  2. Simple controls.
  3. Allows you to customize your own characters.

NEGATIVE about Robot Invasion

  1. The graphics could be improved.

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