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“Become a detective & lock up the murderers!”

Screenshots of Crime Files

Main Features of Crime Files

  1. Game Goal: Put your investigative skills to the test in Criminal Files, a puzzle in which the player must collect evidence to solve a crime and put those responsible behind bars.
  2. How to Play: By exploring the crime scenes, the player must find and collect the requested objects to solve the case and unlock new levels. You'll earn stars by completing levels which add up to unlock further levels to play.
  3. Graphics: The game has well-designed graphics and different elements to find, which can provide great moments of fun.
  4. Sound: The soundtrack changes according to the scene, keeping the element of suspense with each new investigation.
  5. Game play: Besides containing many challenging puzzles, the game also has options to customize the avatar and daily bonuses.
  6. Controls: The player will receive instructions and tips for each level and must use touch commands to collect objects and perform tasks.
  7. Languages: English.
  8. Platform: Android phones and tablets.
  9. Size: No specification
  10. Operating System: Android
  11. Version: 1.0.3
  12. Last updated on: 19-12-2016
  13. Target audience: Suitable for users over the age of 16.
  14. Price details: Payment required to access full features. Free
  15. Installation requirements: Android 2.1 and the minimum space isn't specified.

POSITIVE about Crime Files

  1. A fluid gameplay.
  2. Pretty graphics.
  3. A good curve of difficulty.
  4. The controls are intuitive and straightforward.

NEGATIVE about Crime Files

  1. Includes paid features.
  2. Not suitable for children under 18.

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5 Opinions about Crime Files

  • Jerime

    It's a go game lots of fun

  • Jeshua

    Game is ok, passes the time by

  • Robin

    So nice download and play it

  • Laureen

    Great when you are bored

  • Elie

    Good brian using game

Questions and opinions about Crime Files


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