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"Help Batman save Gotham City by defeating the terrifying Riddler!"

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Main Features of Batman: The Enemy Within

  1. Game Goal: Become the mighty superhero Batman in this exciting adventure. You're tasked with saving Gotham once again, and this time you'll need to defeat an alliance between the Joker and the Riddler!
  2. How to Play: As you play you'll be faced with decisions, both as Batman and as Bruce Wayne. These decisions will influence the story and will change the course of the game depending on what you decide. 
  3. Graphics: Graphically it boasts incredibly detailed characters and backdrops. The aesthetics really help draw you into the story and emphasizes the designs of Gotham.
  4. Languages: English. 
  5. Size: 35M
  6. Operating System: Android
  7. Developer: Telltale Games is based in United States
  8. Recomendations: Contains scenes of violence towards human characters.
  9. Price details: Paid upgrades within the app. Free
  10. Installation requirements: A minimum of 35M of free memory space and Android 4.4 or higher.

POSITIVE about Batman: The Enemy Within

  1. Colorful and well-drawn graphics.
  2. An entertaining story that will get you hooked.
  3. A lot of options to choose from.
  4. The controls are simple and accurate.

NEGATIVE about Batman: The Enemy Within

  1. At a certain point, you will need to pay in order to advance in the game.
  2. Takes up a lot of memory space.

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I love batman


Again best game from telltale

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