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"Become the Guardian and bring the light back to the world"

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Main Features of Light a Way

  1. Game Goal: Fight monsters using the power of light in order to rid the world of darkness.
  2. How to Play: Fight powerful monsters and receive strength from fairies and fireflies. Contains a tutorial that teaches you how to advance through the levels, unlock upgrades, and defeat monsters.
  3. Graphics: The game's graphics and characters transport the player into a unique fantasy world.
  4. Controls: Easy-to-use touchscreen interface.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Size: 47M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Recomendations: Content suitable for all ages.
  9. Price details: Some upgrades require payment. Free
  10. Installation requirements: A minimum of 47M of free memory space and Android 4.1 or higher.

Useful Tips Light a Way

  1. Touch the golden fairy whenever she appears in the game in order to earn diamonds, stardust, and magical powers.
  2. Before you face off against the leader of the monsters be sure that you've accumulated plenty of power and strength.
  3. "Lumis" attacks the enemy automatically. However, you can help them by tapping the screen repeatedly. 

POSITIVE about Light a Way

  1. Beautiful graphics and excellent animation.
  2. Simple and precise touch commands.
  3. Offers several levels that become increasingly more difficult.

NEGATIVE about Light a Way

  1. It can become repetitive after a while.

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