Best Brain Puzzles apps for Android - 5 (174 games)

Futurama: Game of Drones  APK

Futurama: Game of Drones

Embark on an adventure with the gang from Futurama!

Help Fry, Bender and other members of Planet Express to complete missions of Professor Farnsworth, ...

 |  Shape Game Free

Gummy Pop: Chain Reaction Game

Gummy Pop: Chain Reaction Game

A fun & colorful game for Candy Crush fans!

Accept the Challenge Gummy Pop and try to change the colors of jelly beans to create chain reactions to ...

 |  Puzzles for Kids Free

Mitosis: The Game

Mitosis: The Game

Start eating cells before your organism dies!

In this game you face the challenge of being a growing cell. You have to absorb smaller cells, avoid ...

 |  Brain Puzzles Free

Lines 98

Lines 98

Developer: Andrey Svetlichny
Categories: Bejeweled, Brain Puzzles, Logic Puzzles, Puzzle Games, Shape Game

 |  Shape Game Free

100 Doors Full  APK

100 Doors Full

See if you can escape through 100 doors in this puzzle!

You must use strategy to solve various puzzles and collect items that will help you to finally get the ...

 |  Logic Puzzles Free

Word Search Tour  APK

Word Search Tour

Solve the puzzle as quickly as possible!

You will have only two minutes to solve puzzles in which you must find the necessary words: they may be ...

 |  Word Games Free

Demolition Master  APK

Demolition Master

Place the explosives in strategic locations in order to bring down the building.

 |  Logic Puzzles Free

Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler

Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler

Play a delightful puzzle game on your Android!

In this original combination of interactive puzzle elements, you use your ingenuity to help the twins, ...

 |  Puzzles for Kids Free

2048  APK


2048, a very addictive reasoning game

As the name of the game itself says, your goal is to form the number "2048" moving numbered squares on a ...

 |  Math Puzzle Free

Carrera de Mente  APK

Carrera de Mente

Enjoy the Android version of the classic Argentine board game. Test your knowledge and beat your rivals!

 |  Multiple Choice Games Free

Hungry Gows  APK

Hungry Gows

A fun real physics game featuring some cute aliens!

Developer: indiePub
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games, Brain Puzzles

 |  Brain Puzzles Free

Soccer Moves  APK

Soccer Moves

Make the best moves to become a star

Soccer Moves is a football game that combines elements of strategy and puzzle, where you need to show ...

 |  Brain Puzzles Free

Slice HD

Slice HD

A very futuristic puzzle game on your Android

Slice HD is a puzzle game that requires speed and cold blood to press a red button without being cut by ...

 |  Logic Puzzles Free

Where's My Mickey?  APK

Where's My Mickey?

Join Mickey on several adventures

Where's My Mickey? is a reasoning game in which you have to help Mickey and his friends get enough water ...

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