Best Disney Puzzle apps for Android (5 games)

Disney Emoji Blitz with Pixar

Disney Emoji Blitz with Pixar

Match-3 puzzle with your favorite cartoon characters!

Emoji Blitz is a fun puzzle with various missions divided into quick rounds in which your can unlock and ...

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Puzzle For Disney Princess  APK

Puzzle For Disney Princess

Developer: puzzleappsnew
Categories: Princess Games, Princess Puzzle, Puzzle Games, Puzzle Games for Girls, Puzzles for Kids

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Animal Puzzle

Animal Puzzle

A puzzle game involving animals from 5 continents

Developer: xidea creator
Categories: Animal Games, Animal Puzzles, Disney Puzzle, Puzzle Games, Puzzles for Kids

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Puzzles with Matches  APK

Puzzles with Matches

Download a surprising Disney puzzle here

Developer: Celtic Spear
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games, Puzzles for Kids, Disney Puzzle

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Beauty and the Beast  APK

Beauty and the Beast

Cute & fun puzzles for Beauty & the Beast fans!

In this entertaining puzzle you will have to make combinations of 3 or more similar figures so you can ...

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