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Magic Tiles 3 image

Magic Tiles 3

Play with instruments & create amazing melodies!

Musical instrument themed game that involves tapping black tiles while avoiding the white tiles.

 |  Stress Games Free

Piano Tiles 2 (beta) image

Piano Tiles 2 (beta) 1.0.0

Play the piano and train your reflexes!

You must click on the piano keys as they appear on the screen to play some of the most famous classical ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Dancing Line image

Dancing Line

Guide your line with precision through different paths!

Exercise your concentration and reflection in an addictive game packed by an incredible soundtrack.

 |  Stress Games Free

FaceDance Challenge! image

FaceDance Challenge! 1.3.1

Make funny faces in this original challenge!

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Music Games Free

Guitar Band Battle image

Guitar Band Battle 1.2.1

Take on players from all over the world in this musical challenge

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Battle Games Free

BeatEVO YG image

BeatEVO YG 1.1.34

The perfect game for K-Pop fans!

Android phones.

 |  Guitar Hero Free

Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game image

Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game 1.4.0

Tap to the beat and complete the challenges!

Android smartphones or tablets.

 |  Music Memory Free

Care Bears Music Band image

Care Bears Music Band 1.0.5

Harmony Bear is starting a Care Bears band and needs your help!

Create a music band made up of Care Bears. Decide what the bears will wear prior to each concert.

 |  Fun Games Free

BEAT MP3 with YouTube image

BEAT MP3 with YouTube 1.3.3

Smartphones and tablets with Android technology.

 |  Music Games Free

Hello Kitty Music Party image

Hello Kitty Music Party 1.1.3

Dance your legs off with Hello Kitty & Sanrio friends!

Musical starring Hello Kitty in which you have to help the kitten have a party and press the screen ...

 |  Fun Games Free

SUPER PADS - Hits image

SUPER PADS - Hits 2.5.10

Playing your favorite songs has never been easier!

With this digital drum set you can play the greatest hits of the moment or create your own rhythms

 |  Drums Free

Pepi Super Stores image

Pepi Super Stores 1.0.33

Build fun stores and have a blast with your characters

An educational game that helps kids explore and expand their imagination, vocabulary and math.

 |  Dress Up Games Free

Hip Hop Dance School Game image

Hip Hop Dance School Game 1.5.0

Become the best hip-hop dancer ever!

You'll have to try to become a star hip hop dancer, having to take care of your style and come up with ...

 |  Dress Up Games Free

Beat Racer image

Beat Racer

Drive at high speed in a surreal world!

In Beat Racer you have to drive at full speed to the beat of the music while you try to avoid obstacles ...

 |  Driving Games Free

Epic Band Clicker image

Epic Band Clicker 1.0.1

An epic game for Rock n' Roll fans!

In Epic Band Clicker, the player will have to conquer audiences in the streets, bars and large venues to ...

 |  Speed Games Free



Come & meet Nicki Minaj in her new official game!

You'll have to follow the footsteps of Nicki Minaj to try to become a rap music star. Starting from ...

 |  Life Simulation Games Free

Tap Tap Reborn image

Tap Tap Reborn 1.6.0

Tap to the beat with this new edition!

Challenge players from all over the world to devote yourself as a star of electronic music.

 |  Music Games Free

Love & Hip Hop The Game image

Love & Hip Hop The Game 1.51

Become the hottest Hip Hop star of the moment!

In this game based on the reality show Love & Hip Hop, you have to start from scratch to try and become ...

 |  Celebrity Dress Up Games Free

Piano Tiles&Penguin Adventure image

Piano Tiles&Penguin Adventure 1.0.8

A fun game the combines music & penguins!

Test your musical skills and help the penguins in front of the chicks by pressing each note on the ...

 |  Bird Games Free

Piano Dance Beat image

Piano Dance Beat 1.3.0

Tap the buttons to the rhythm of music!

You'll have to test your musical skills to try to press the piano keys to the rhythm of the song, trying ...

 |  Guitar Hero Free

Thapster TV image

Thapster TV 3.0.3054

Hoe to keep up with your favorite songs!

Test your reflexes and try to keep up with several songs tapping the keys on time to correspond with the ...

 |  Music Memory Free

My Singing Monsters image

My Singing Monsters 2.1.1

Have fun with these monstrous singers

In My Singing Monsters, players of all ages will have the opportunity to free their imagination in a ...

 |  Music Games Free

Rock Hero image

Rock Hero 1.1.6

Rock on the guitar in this cool musical game

Following the success of the famous Guitar Hero series, this musical challenge combines traits of skill ...

 |  Music Games Free

Just Dance Now image

Just Dance Now

Just Dance on Android! Dance at ease with your friends

Have fun with one of the best dancing games of all times! With Just Dance Now, you can dance/play using ...

 |  Guitar Hero Free

Laser Pointer X2 Simulator image

Laser Pointer X2 Simulator 16

Perfect prank! Laser beam with musical sound effects

Laser pointer simulator is a great way to prank your friends and family.

 |  Music Games Free

Walk Band: Piano,Guitar,Drum.. image

Walk Band: Piano,Guitar,Drum.. 6.4.5

Become a digital piano!

Walk Band is a music game that allows users to use the mobile device to play the piano.

 |  Music Games Free

Music Quiz image

Music Quiz 2.0.7

Put your music knowledge to the test!

Developer: Mangoo Games
Categories: Android games, Puzzle Games, Board Games, Music Games, Quiz Games

 |  Quiz Games Free

Music Hero image

Music Hero 2.1

Are you ready to rock? With this game you'll be the hero!

Another fun option for fans of the famous Guitar Hero music game. In this free and simplified version, ...

 |  Guitar Hero Free

Guess The Song image

Guess The Song

Download and have fun with this attractive music game

Guess The Song is a music game for anyone who has sharp ears and fast reflexes. When you guess the name ...

 |  Quiz Games Free

SongPop image

SongPop 1.26.28

It isn't enough to know the music, you must be quick

SongPop Free is an entertaining game in which you have to guess the title and artist who sings the song ...

 |  Music Memory Free

BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game image

BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7

Funny musical game where you have to keep the beat

Developer: Studio 7775
Categories: Android games, Music Games

 |  Music Games Free

BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game image

BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game 2.5.4

Match the beat to create beautiful music rhythms

Developer: CREAPPTIVE Co., Ltd.
Categories: Android games, Music Games

 |  Music Games Free

Real Piano Teacher image

Real Piano Teacher 4.0

How to play and practice piano on Android

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Music Games Free



Challenge your Line friends in this musical game

Developer: LINE Corporation
Categories: Android games, Music Games

 |  Music Games Free

LoveLive! School idol festival image

LoveLive! School idol festival 5.0.0

Discover new idols in this talent school

Developer: KLab
Categories: Android games, Music Games

 |  Music Games Free

Pretty Ballerina image

Pretty Ballerina 1.2.0

Make your dream come true & become a ballerina!

Enter the world of ballet and control a dancer practicing all the routines and even creating your own ...

 |  Makeover Games Free

Give It Up! image

Give It Up! 1.8.6

Help the singing blob jump through 18 different stages!

Give It Up! is a game of skill with electrifying music, where in order to help Blob to complete tests ...

 |  Music Games Free

Rock Life - Guitar Legend image

Rock Life - Guitar Legend 2.8

Rock your life and become a guitar superstar

In Rock Life, the player must be quick to follow the notes and play various music hits in a Guitar Hero ...

 |  Guitar Hero Free

Avatar Musik image

Avatar Musik 0.6.2

Create your avatar and challenge people to a dance off!

Developer: TeaMobi
Categories: Android games, Music Games

 |  Music Games Free

SongPop 2 - Guess The Song image

SongPop 2 - Guess The Song 2.3.5

Throughly test the extents of your pop trivia knowledge

Developer: FreshPlanet
Categories: Android games, Music Games

 |  Music Games Free

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