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Suрer Toss The Turtle image

Suрer Toss The Turtle 1.171.30

Toss this turtle as far as you can!

Use various types of weapons to kill turtles, birds, bananas and other strange characters.

 |  Stress Games Free

Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever image

Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever

A great compilation of fun mini games!

You have to control the grouchy grumpy cat and try to overcome numerous mini-games where you must test ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Geometry Dash World image

Geometry Dash World 1.021

Geometry Dash is back with a brand new game!

Follow the musical rhythm of this incredible game while helping a cube face obstacles in different worlds.

 |  Speed Games Free

Epic Band Clicker image

Epic Band Clicker 1.0.1

An epic game for Rock n' Roll fans!

In Epic Band Clicker, the player will have to conquer audiences in the streets, bars and large venues to ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Apple Shooter with Friends image

Apple Shooter with Friends

Enjoy the thrills of archery from your fingertips!

You have to master your aim in this first person archery game, trying to hit all the apples with arrows.

 |  Stress Games Free

Monster Breaker Hero image

Monster Breaker Hero 4.7

Roles are exchanged: the princess must save the knights

The tables are turned in this story. It's the princess who will have to defeat all sorts of monsters to ...

 |  Stress Games Free

GunStrider: Tap Strike image

GunStrider: Tap Strike 1.08.460

Fight against your enemies in a futuristic world!

Journey to a future where you have to fight for freedom. To survive, you'll need to kill all of the ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Amateur Surgeon 4 image

Amateur Surgeon 4 1.9.1

Become a surgeon and operate without mercy!

In this fun game you have to become a novice surgeon and carry out impossible operations and do it with ...

 |  Fun Games Free

SpinTree - Tap Tap Tree image

SpinTree - Tap Tap Tree 1.21

A relaxing game in which you must grow trees

A game for people who love nature, in which you must test your reflexes by growing beautiful trees, ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Archery King image

Archery King 1.0.19

Challenge yourself to become the best archer!

You'll have to test all of your aiming ability in Archery King. You need to try and hit the target and ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Dominocity image

Dominocity 0.5.7

Create your own domino effect!

You have to place dominoes so that you can then create a city with the goal of getting all the chips to ...

 |  Domino Games Free

Split Masters image

Split Masters 1.6

You'll need to concentrate to climb these walls!

Prepare to use all your skills to climb as high as possible between two walls using only your legs.

 |  Stress Games Free

Bottle Smash image

Bottle Smash 1.0.2

Be quick to smash as many bottles as possible!

In this game, you can use different balls to freely break all the bottles you find on the scene.

 |  Ball Games Free

Flip image

Flip 1.03

Jump between platforms and collect gems!

You have to control a cube which will test your ability to jump from platform to platform with the aim ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Keepy Ducky image

Keepy Ducky 0.991

Help this duck stay in the air as long as possible!

You'll have to aim to try to keep several ducks in the air but with the difference that you should do it ...

 |  Fun Games Free

Break Liner image

Break Liner 1.1.1

Break through the lines to boost deep into space!

In Break Liner you have to drive a spaceship with which you have to cross a straight line to get ...

 |  Spaceship Games Free

POGs Battle image

POGs Battle 1.07.02

Pogs are back in town, so start playing!

You can relive the nineties by launching tazos to try to bring down your opponents' towers in order to ...

 |  Battle Games Free

High Risers image

High Risers 3.0

Bounce 'till you reach the top of your office!

You have to try to move up in your work by literally jumping up to the top of the building.

 |  Fun Games Free

Blocky Basketball image

Blocky Basketball 1.2.80

Enjoy a game of basketball with blocky players!

You will play basketball games in which you must make passes at full speed and then test your aim and ...

 |  Basketball Shot Free

Asphalt Xtreme image

Asphalt Xtreme

Drive at full speed in extreme conditions!

Drive all terrain vehicles and compete on tracks all over the world and try to beat your opponents to ...

 |  Car Racing Games Free

Water Slide 3D image

Water Slide 3D 1.14

Go down a 3D water slider!

Experience the thrill of sliding down a giant waterslide that's filled with surprises and dangers while ...

 |  Reaction Time Test Free

PinOut image

PinOut 1.0.2

A modern & futurisitc pinball game for your Android!

In this original version of classic pinball you will have to try to get as far as possible using the ...

 |  Pinball Classic Free

Tap Robo image

Tap Robo 1.0.8

Choose your heroes wisely to stop the robot invasion!

You'll have to travel to the future to try to save humanity from giant robots who want to dominate the ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Nono Islands image

Nono Islands 1.0.7

Recover the treasures of a deserted island!

You'll be a brave explorer who will delve into islands full of dangers and try to find hidden treasures.

 |  Stress Games Free

Drive for Speed: Simulator image

Drive for Speed: Simulator

Drive at full speed & avoid obstacles in the city!

Drive for Speed ​​is a perfect racing game for those who enjoy facing obstacles at high speed.

 |  Speed Games Free

Real Drift Racing : Road Racer image

Real Drift Racing : Road Racer 1.0.3

Drift and speed through different racing tracks!

Get behind the wheel of sports cars in this racing game where you have to drive through traffic at full ...

 |  Drifting Games Free

Smile Inc. image

Smile Inc. 1.1

Avoid all the booby traps in your new office!

You'll have to go to work and try to survive in the office. You'll encounter all kinds of obstacles you ...

 |  Stress Games Free



Discover the secrets behind this virtual world!

You must travel to the year 2076 where you have to help two policemen in the virtual world with whom you ...

 |  Jumping Games Free

Cookie Clickers 2 image

Cookie Clickers 2 1.10.0

Tap non-stop to bake as many cookies as possible!

In this game you have to be very fast to produce absurd amounts of delicious cookies and achieve the ...

 |  Speed Games Free

Make More! image

Make More!

Make your employees work hard & don't stop clicking!

Make More! It is a parody of the reality of many production lines in the world, where you have to click ...

 |  Time Management Games Free

Dan the Man: Action Platformer image

Dan the Man: Action Platformer 1.1.7

Enjoy a combination of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack!

Dan has to rescue his girlfriend, Josie, and eliminate the criminal organization that threatens the ...

 |  Jumping Games Free

SkillTwins Football Game image

SkillTwins Football Game 1.5

Complete crazy skills with these twins!

Prove your skills with the ball by controlling the Josef Jakob twins to dodge all tackles and obstacles.

 |  Football Games - Soccer Games Free

Snake Off - More Play,More Fun image

Snake Off - More Play,More Fun 2.0.2

Try to control this starving snake!

App is a revamped version of the classic snake game where you have to compete online with other players ...

 |  Snake Game Free

Looty Dungeon image

Looty Dungeon 1.0.3

Outwit, outrun and slave your enemies!

Control a medieval knight who has to travel through different dungeons and defeat all kinds of enemies.

 |  Puzzle Adventure Games Free

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot image

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot 2.5.3

Frozen's official puzzle game for Android devices!

Explore an icy world and accompany Ana and Elsa, Frozen princesses. The challenge will be to destroy the ...

 |  Skill Games Free

Zombie Derby 2 image

Zombie Derby 2 1.0.2

Drive your car over every single zombie!

Drive through a world overtaken by zombies and don't hesitate to run over every single one of them.

 |  Driving Games Free

One More Jump image

One More Jump 1.4.1

Test your concentration in this platform game!

Exercise your mind with this addictive puzzle that requires a high level of concentration.

 |  Speed Games Free

Bottle Flip image

Bottle Flip 1.0.7

Flip the bottle and earn many points!

You have to throw a bottle into the air and make it flip. The aim is to land it standing upright on a ...

 |  Stress Games Free

Six! image

Six! 1.0.2

Use your intelligence to solve these puzzles!

In this fun puzzle, the player will have to be skillful to destroy the blocks and bring the hexagon that ...

 |  Shape Game Free

Piano Tiles&Penguin Adventure image

Piano Tiles&Penguin Adventure 1.0.8

A fun game the combines music & penguins!

Test your musical skills and help the penguins in front of the chicks by pressing each note on the ...

 |  Bird Games Free

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