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Embee Meter CX

Embee Meter CX

Earn money on the side by completing tasks on this Android app

Developer: Embee Mobile
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Productivity , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Softonic  APK


The official Softonic app on your Android

Developer: Softonic International
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Android Market

Android Market

How to find thousands of apps on the Android Market

Manage installed apps and browse through over 150,000 Android apps and games.

 |  Market Free

IVONA Conchita Spanish beta  APK

IVONA Conchita Spanish beta

Choose the voice and custom your voice assistant

Developer: IVONA Text-to-Speech
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Productivity , Utilities, Virtual Assistant

 |  Virtual Assistant Free

Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE  APK

Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE

Organize and improve your Android's performance

Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE is designed to help users of Android devices to identify and terminate ...

 |  Memory Optimizer Free


Barcode KANOJO

Find the perfect virtual girlfriend!

Developer: CYBIRD
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Social , Utilities, Barcode

 |  Barcode Free

Mi Drop

Mi Drop

An unbelievably fast file transfer tool for Android

A tool that allows you to transfer files between Android devices without using a network.

 |  File Sharing Free

Rastreador de Celular IMEI

Rastreador de Celular IMEI

Developer: Anytracking
Categories: Location Based, Productivity , Social , Tools , Utilities

 |  Location Based Free

Conga 4090

Conga 4090

Developer: Cecotec
Categories: Battery, Health - Fitness, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Battery Free

Universal Remote Control - Lean Remote

Universal Remote Control - Lean Remote

An easy-to-use universal remote control for Android

Developer: Lean Remote
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Remote Control

 |  Remote Control Free

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

A handy barcode reader and QR.

Barcode Scanner is one of the best applications on the market to scan/show barcodes.

 |  Barcode Scanner Free

iNoty OS 10 PRO  APK

iNoty OS 10 PRO

Get the iPhone interface for your Android device!

It allows you to change the appearance of the notification bar to get an identical look to iOS 10, ...

 |  Utilities Free

Peel Smart Remote  APK

Peel Smart Remote

An advanced remote control for your TV!

Control various types of TV sets, set-top boxes, receivers, home theaters, and Philips smart lamps ...

 |  Remote Control Free

Maps & GPS Navigation — OsmAnd

Maps & GPS Navigation — OsmAnd

A complete map that can be used offline!

With this complete compilation of maps from all over the world, you will be able to download the ones ...

 |  Travel Itineraries Free

Shake Screen On Off PRO

Shake Screen On Off PRO

Gesture app that turns screen on or off by shaking movements!

Developer: FREEBOOKS
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Utilities, Remote Control

 |  Remote Control Free

Charge Cycle Battery Stats

Charge Cycle Battery Stats

Close unused apps running in the background & extend Android battery life

Developer: Cerebrum Development
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Battery

 |  Battery Free

Anyview Cast Mirroring App  APK

Anyview Cast Mirroring App

Share the mobile screen to any compatible TV screen using this connecting app

Developer: Spring Tech Apps
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Audex: Accessibility Redefined  APK

Audex: Accessibility Redefined

Mange your smartphone's functions with custom controls

Developer: Akash Delight Computings
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Virtual Assistant

 |  Virtual Assistant Free

TutuApp  APK


Get the most downloaded Android applications!

An alternative to the Play Store for apps and games. You'll find apps and games that have been blocked ...

 |  Utilities Free

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost)  APK

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost)

An app that allows you to monitor Android's battery

Battery Repair (Doctor Boost) is an app that calibrates your battery and promises to increase the length ...

 |  Battery Calibration Free

MyGlass  APK


Lets you set up and manage your Glass

It allows you to manage and administer the various functions of Google Glass from your mobile phone.

 |  Remote Control Free

Adobe AIR  APK

Adobe AIR

Download this app to use PDF on your Android

Adobe AIR is a powerful tool used to run miscellaneous software for the Web.

 |  File Reader Free

APUS Booster+ (cache clear)  APK

APUS Booster+ (cache clear)

Boost your Android phone's performance to the max

Optimize your device's performance by freeing up memory.

 |  Password Free

Rebrawl Mods version for brawl stars  APK

Rebrawl Mods version for brawl stars

Play Brawl Stars with infinite resources & maps on Android

Developer: Fisherfuentesdevstore
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Productivity , Utilities

 |  Utilities Free

Mi Cuenta Personal

Mi Cuenta Personal

Control your account on Telecom Argentina!

Developer: Telecom Personal S.A.
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Productivity , Utilities, Data Usage

 |  Data Usage Free

Internet Gratis 4G  APK

Internet Gratis 4G

Get tips and tricks for finding free internet that you can use on your Android

Developer: Temis Labs
Categories: Data Usage, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Wifi

 |  Data Usage Free

Samsung Connect

Samsung Connect

Quickly access multiple Samsung devices

As the name suggests, it allows you to connect your phone with the rest of Samsung devices that you have ...

 |  Remote Control Free

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Control your computer from your mobile device!

Remotely access computers from your home via smartphone or tablet without compromising the security of ...

 |  Remote Desktop Free



Clean your Android's memory with CCleaner

CCleaner is a useful tool that optimizes the use of memory and makes your device faster and safer.

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Swift WiFi Lite  APK

Swift WiFi Lite

Swift version for devices with less than 1 GB

This is a light, optimized version of Swift WiFi app for phones with less than 1GB of RAM with which you ...

 |  Wifi On Off Free

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster  APK

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster

Boost the speed of your Android devise by up to 60%

Through a series of performance optimization features, the DU speed booster promises to make your ...

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Easy Battery Saver  APK

Easy Battery Saver

Saves your mobile device's battery

Easy Battery Saver is a utility app that extends the battery life by controlling features such as ...

 |  Battery Saver Free

LG Bluetooth Remote  APK

LG Bluetooth Remote

Now you can connect to other devices using Bluetooth!

Developer: LG Electronics, Inc.
Categories: Music Player, Productivity , Remote Control, Tools , Utilities

 |  Remote Control Free

Advanced Battery Calibrator  APK

Advanced Battery Calibrator

Maximize your battery's potential

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Battery Free

KingoUser for Android [ROOT]  APK

KingoUser for Android [ROOT]

Administrate your phone efficiently with Kingo

It is a tool that allows you to manage access to your Android

 |  Mobile security Free

Auto Memory Manager  APK

Auto Memory Manager

This app will enhance your phone's memory

Developer: iolo technologies, LLC.
Categories: Android apps, Productivity , Tools , Utilities, Memory Optimizer

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

Master for Minecraft-Launcher  APK

Master for Minecraft-Launcher

An perfect launcher for Minecraft fans

This is an unofficial tool with which you can manage all the elements in your Minecraft Pocket Edition ...

 |  Utilities Free

Mobogenie:marketing mobile  APK

Mobogenie:marketing mobile

Manage your android device with this easy to use app

Mobogenie came into existance to make life easier for Android users; it helps in device data management ...

 |  Memory Optimizer Free

SHAREit - Transfer and Share

SHAREit - Transfer and Share

Transfer all kinds of files fast & easy!

It shares files quickly and securely between computers, tablets and smartphones of different types and ...

 |  Utilities Free

QR code scanner free  APK

QR code scanner free

A fast and easy way to use QR code scanner

Android phones and tablets.

 |  QR Code Free

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