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Messenger and Chat Lock

Messenger and Chat Lock

Password-protect your WhatsApp conversations

An efficient app that protects the chat and exchange of Facebook and WhatsApp messages.

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Download photos from Facebook  APK

Download photos from Facebook

Download photos from Facebook with this app

Developer: Bunny Labs
Categories: Facebook, Facebook Chat, Media - Video , Social Networking, Social 

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Apps for those who take security seriously

Everything we do on the Internet can fall into the hands of third parties, including our private information. However, you can protect yourself from this unpleasant situation via the use of special data security tools. Try them out today and stay safe! ... more

Protect your correspondence from prying eyes!

Do you ever worry that someone will eavesdrop on your instant messenger conversations? If so, you need a reliable security key. It will protect you from prying eyes and ensure that your conversations remain private. Downloand one of these applications today and stay secure! ... more

Become a WhatsApp power user!

Interested in getting the most out of WhatsApp? If so, these third-party tools are what you need. Best part is they won't affect the security of your WhatsApp account but will add new functionality! ... more

How to protect correspondence in WhatsApp

Are you afraid that your boyfriend or girlfriend is reading your correspondence in WhatsApp? Correct this situation by installing a good lock screen on this messenger and protect your chat rooms from prying eyes. Discover the best lockers for WhatsApp! ... more

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