1. Correspondence protection
  2. Lock screens for WhatsApp
  3. Communication apps
  4. Must-Have apps
  5. Application Clones
  6. Applications up to 25 MB
  7. Wallpapers for WhatsApp
  8. Data Security
  9. Emojis
Become a WhatsApp power user! Resources for WhatsApp Interested in getting the most out of WhatsApp? If so, these third-party tools are what you need. Best part is they won't affect the security of your WhatsApp account but will add new functionality! By James Brandon - Date: 13-02-2020
Parallel Space-Multi Accounts
Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

Sign up to multiple Facebook accounts on 1 device
Whats a Gif - gif sender
Whats a Gif - gif sender

Personalize your WhatsApp texts with fun gifs!

Now it's super easy to create perfect WhatsApp profile photos!
Tablet for WhatsApp  APK
Tablet for WhatsApp

Synchronize your smartphone to tablet with ease
Wallpapers for Chat  APK
Wallpapers for Chat

Provide your Whatsapp with an original design!
Cleaner for WhatsApp
Cleaner for WhatsApp


A different way to receive notifications
Update for WhatsApp  APK
Update for WhatsApp

Get warned when WhatsApp has new updates!
Lock for Whats Messenger  APK
Lock for Whats Messenger

Block your personal WhatsApp conversations
Status Downloader for Whatsapp
Status Downloader for Whatsapp

Download videos and photos from WhatsApp statuses
WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp company version on Android
Emojidom emoticons for texting
Emojidom emoticons for texting

Send emoticons to all contacts in your chat
Click to chat
Click to chat

Send messages on Whatsapp without adding a new contact
Meme Stickers for WhatsApp  APK
Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

Many meme-themed stickers for your collection on WhatsApp
Messenger and Chat Lock
Messenger and Chat Lock

Password-protect your WhatsApp conversations
Send, Schedule & Translate - No Contacts Saving
Send, Schedule & Translate - No Contacts Saving

Program messages and download your favorite WhatsApp stories
Messenger for WhatsApp Chats  APK
Messenger for WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Messenger
Online Tracker for WhatsApp: App Usage Tracker  APK
Online Tracker for WhatsApp: App Usage Tracker

A great app for tracking your activity on WhatsApp
Friend Search For WhatsApp  APK
Friend Search For WhatsApp

Meet people from all over and learn all about their life by chat!
WhatsDetect - view delete message,delete recovery  APK
WhatsDetect - view delete message,delete recovery

Check messages deleted by Whatsapp users
Pro Whatweb Whatscan Pro 2018  APK
Pro Whatweb Whatscan Pro 2018

Open various Whatsapp accounts from one device with this app
OnLog - Online Tracker  APK
OnLog - Online Tracker

Track friends and family with the OnLog app on Android
Dual for WhatsApp  APK
Dual for WhatsApp

Install WhatsApp on two mobile devices with one number