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Automatic Virus Scanner  APK

Automatic Virus Scanner

Get rid of junk & other unwanted files!

It will allow you to protect your Android from viruses, spyware and malware to take care of your data ...

 |  Antivirus Free

hicaller  APK


Easily get rid of unwanted calls with this identifier

hicaller is an app for identifying unknown contacts, including SPAM calls.

 |  Communication  Free

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

A quick and convenient way to communicate without spending

WhatsApp Messenger is a communication app designed for smartphones that allows users to send messages ...

 |  WhatsApp Messenger Free

Apkpure  APK


Get the best games with this amazing installer

It is an alternative to Google Play in which you will be able to find applications and games that are no ...

 |  Lifestyle Free

Show Box  APK

Show Box

Watch all the movies and series you want for free!

Watch your favorite movies and TV series for free on your phone, tablet, or Smart TV. You can also ...

 |  TV Series Free

Manga GO - Best Manga Reader online, offline  APK

Manga GO - Best Manga Reader online, offline

An easy-to-use manga reader for your smartphone

Tired of surfing the web to read your favorite manga? Download Manga GO, a manga reader that allows the ...

 |  Offline Reader Free

MX Player

MX Player

Watch your videos with greater speed and quality

MX Player is a video player that takes full advantage of your device to show movies in high quality.

 |  Music Free

dj liker - free facebook likes  APK

dj liker - free facebook likes

Now you can easily get likes on Facebook!

Want to increase your popularity on Facebook? Just set your profile to Public and start accumulating ...

 |  Facebook Free

Beauty Camera -Make-up Camera-

Beauty Camera -Make-up Camera-

A very interesting camera for your Android

Take flawless photos with the help of a camera that is able to automatically retouch any image.

 |  X-Ray Camera Free

Whatsapp Spammer Bomber  APK

Whatsapp Spammer Bomber

Prank your friends by spamming them with a message

Prank your friends by spamming their WhatsApp.  

 |  WhatsApp Messenger Free

Free Fire Emotes

Free Fire Emotes

A must-have app for anyone who plays Free Fire

The app provides you with access to many free emojis, skins, and dances that are normally obtained via ...

 |  Lifestyle Free

Tamil Music ON - Tamil Songs  APK

Tamil Music ON - Tamil Songs

Listen to Tamil songs with the help of this app

Developer: dhinsoft
Categories: Android apps, Music

 |  Music Free

Likegram - Get Instagram Likes  APK

Likegram - Get Instagram Likes

Get fast and free Instagram likes for your account

Instantly get thousands of likes for your Instagram posts by "liking" the photos of other users.

 |  Instagram Free

WhatsApp Hack  APK

WhatsApp Hack

Try to hack WhatsApp on Android

Developer: HackVillanueva
Categories: Android apps, Communication , Tools , Calls

 |  Calls Free

Jillo  APK


A fun app to pass time and entertain yourself!

This APK gives the user access to a wide variety of series and films made not only in Bollywood and ...

 |  Lifestyle Free

Magic Liker for Instagram  APK

Magic Liker for Instagram

Now you can easily get thousands of Instagram followers

Magic Liker will help you easily become more popular on Instagram via likes from real users.

 |  Instagram Free

Resident Evil 6+ App  APK

Resident Evil 6+ App

A must-have app for fans of Resident Evil

Developer: Elevation Apps
Categories: Android Themes, Android apps, Lifestyle

 |  Lifestyle Free

Social Empires  APK

Social Empires

Take part in this Social Empire community on Android!

Your mission in this game is to face challenges and conquer enemy kingdoms. In order to do that you'll ...

 |  War Strategy Games Free

AnimeTube  APK


If you're an anime fan you need to check out this app!

Developer: FleekSoftApps
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle

 |  Lifestyle Free

WhatsApp Spammer ★ROOT  APK

WhatsApp Spammer ★ROOT

The perfect Android app for spamming WhatsApp

Developer: X7Solutions
Categories: Android apps, Communication 

 |  Communication  Free

Secret Video Recorder Pro  APK

Secret Video Recorder Pro

Secretly record video from your Android

Secret Video Recorder Pro is a hidden camera that records in the background so you can use your phone ...

 |  Video Free

Stronghold Crusader  APK

Stronghold Crusader

All you need to know about Stronghold: Crusader!

This APK is a virtual guide with tips, tricks and other information related to the popular real-time ...

 |  Guide - Manuals Free

Tellagami  APK


Send a card in video format to your friends

Surprise your friends and family on special dates with messages sent with custom videos.

 |  Media - Video  Free

USB/BT Joystick Center GOLD

USB/BT Joystick Center GOLD

Use your Android phone as a USB joystick

USB/BT Joystick Center is an application capable of connecting any video game controller to the Android ...

 |  Tools  Free

Movies Buddy - Free Movies Downloader  APK

Movies Buddy - Free Movies Downloader

It's easier than ever to download movies and series!

Developer: Buddy Technologies
Categories: Android apps, Media - Video , Video, Free Movies

 |  Free Movies Free

Cubase iC Pro  APK

Cubase iC Pro

An advanced remote control application for Cubase

Cubase iC Pro will turn your Android device into a professional recording studio. Includes the ability ...

 |  Music Free

Facebook hack password spy  APK

Facebook hack password spy

Access any Facebook account in just a few clicks

Developer: cyberbg
Categories: Mobile security, Password, Social Networking, Social , Tools 

 |  Password Free

Netwa  APK


Now you can easily find out when friends are online

A free tool that allows you to monitor the online activity of friends and family. Get alerts whenever a ...

 |  Social  Free

WhatsHack - Modify messages  APK

WhatsHack - Modify messages

A tool that will help you customize your messenger app

An app that allows you to edit messages sent/received via WhatsApp. For example, you can modify the text ...

 |  WhatsApp Messenger Free



Check if your wireless network is secure

Use your Android to check the vulnerability of a wireless network anywhere you are.

 |  Wifi Free

Live Football TV - HD 2021  APK

Live Football TV - HD 2021

Watch all the live football you want on your Android

Developer: Alpha Sports
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Sport, TV, Live TV

 |  Live TV Free

Movies 123 Pro  APK

Movies 123 Pro

A must-have Android app for movie fans everywhere

Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle

 |  Lifestyle Free  APK

An easy way to make cheap calls from Android!

Developer: PhontyCom
Categories: Android apps, Communication 

 |  Communication  Free

GoHeyWire Text FREE Texting  APK

GoHeyWire Text FREE Texting

Free SMSs to any place in the world

HeyWire - FREE Texting is a messaging service that lets you send free text messages to any phone, ...

 |  Messenger Free

GroupXiT  APK


Easily manage your GroupXiT SMS / MMS account

A tool that allows you to leave any messenger group you've joined without anyone noticing that you've left.

 |  Messenger Free

3DS emulator (3DSe)  APK

3DS emulator (3DSe)

Play your favorite 3DS games with this emulator

With this Nintendo 3DS emulator, players access popular games like Pokémon and Mario Kart from their ...

 |  3D Launcher Free

YouTube Go

YouTube Go

Download and watch YouTube videos whenever you want

Great app for downloading and watching videos on Android, even with the slower internet connections.

 |  Youtube Free

Running Man HD  APK

Running Man HD

Watch the Korean show Running Man on your phone

Developer: AC-Apps
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Sport, Running

 |  Running Free

Kflix Free HD Movies 2020 - Watch Online Cinema

Kflix Free HD Movies 2020 - Watch Online Cinema

If you like to watch movies on Android, check out this app!

Developer: Kflix
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle

 |  Lifestyle Free

Live Stream player Pro  APK

Live Stream player Pro

A full-featured live streaming app for your Android smartphone

Developer: Aito BR
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle

 |  Lifestyle Free

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