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Messenger 173.0.0

Easier and faster than the Facebook app

Facebook Messenger is a communication application focussed on SMSs and Facebook messages in a single place.

 |  Facebook Messenger Free

TikTok 12.6.5

TikTok 12.6.5

Make your videos look cool before sharing online!

You can now insert your favorite music into videos to edit or simply apply incredible effects such as ...

 |  Media Tracker Free

Remind101 free teacher sms app

Remind101 free teacher sms app 10.3.1

The best communication app for teachers and students

An app designed to facilitate communication between parents, teachers and students.

 |  Teacher Aide Free

Food Delivery by DoorDash 10.14.1

Food Delivery by DoorDash 10.14.1

Order food & eat under 45 minutes via Android

Use the Door Dash delivery app to get home to the best restaurants in Canada and the United States.

 |  Food Delivery Free

Netflix 7.16.0 build 11 34323

Netflix 7.16.0

Unlimited access to films and series

Netflix is an application allowing users to watch movies and TV shows from a mobile device such as ...

 |  TV Series Free

Wish - Shopping Made Fun 4.33.5

Wish - Shopping Made Fun 4.33.5

Buy more, the fun and intelligent way

Wish - Shopping Made Fun provides a new way to shop where not only can you access an intuitive and ...

 |  Google Shopper Free


Snapchat 10.63.5

This image will self-destruct in 5 seconds

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that lets you send photos and videos to your contacts, but has the ...

 |  Messenger Free

Instagram 8.2.0

Instagram 8.2.0

Edit and publish photos directly from your phone

Instagram is a social networking app specifically designed for publishing and sharing photos via the phone.

 |  Instagram Free

WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.177

WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.177

A quick and convenient way to communicate without spending

WhatsApp Messenger is a communication app designed for smartphones that allows users to send messages ...

 |  WhatsApp Messenger Free

YouTube Music 2.35.56

YouTube Music 2.35.56

All the music from Youtube on your phone!

Access the entire catalog of YouTube and listen to music, watch music videos and stream them on your ...

 |  Youtube Free

News Break - Personal & Local 5.4.1

News Break - Personal & Local 5.4.1

An app to keep you up to date on the latest news

News Break is a news application that uses the Android geolocation system to inform the user about the ...

 |  Local News Free

ClassDojo 4.22.1

ClassDojo 4.22.1

The best app for professors and teachers

Track your child's school performance from their Android.

 |  Education Free

Tubi TV - Free TV & Movies 3.1.2

Tubi TV - Free TV & Movies 3.1.2

Stream movies and TV shows to your device!

Access an extensive library of movies and TV shows from your Android for free.

 |  Cinema Free

Lucky Money - Win Your Lucky Day & Make it Rain 1.2.1

Lucky Money - Win Your Lucky Day & Make it Rain 1.2.1

An app that gives out daily rewards!

Developer: Lucky Money Studio
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Weather, Weather Forecast, Rain

 |  Rain Free

Square Cash 2.56.1

Square Cash 2.56.1

Send or request money via text or email!

Developer: Square, Inc.
Categories: Business, Finance , Online Banking, Online Payments, Square

 |  Square Free

Spotify: Discover new music, podcasts, and songs

Spotify: Discover new music, podcasts, and songs 8.5.18

Spotify: Music, music and more music!

With Spotify you can listen to thousands of songs directly from your device, all you need is an Internet ...

 |  Spotify Free

Google Play Games 2019.06.11074 (255281007.255281007-000304)

Google Play Games 2019.06.11074

Have fun with Google Play Games on your Mobile

Manage all the games on your Android from a single application that allows you to even interact with ...

 |  Google+ Free

Walmart 19.31

Walmart 19.31

Shop and save money at Walmart

The Walmart app aims to make shopping at Walmart easier and save you money in the process; whether you ...

 |  Walmart Free

Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping 18.15.4

Shop the best deals at Amazon online store for Android

With this application the user can check deals and buy at any Amazon site from the Android smartphone.

 |  Amazon Free

Pandora Music

Pandora Music

Use Pandora to instantly listen to music you love!

Pandora is a free app that lets you customize radio stations according to your preferences; you can ...

 |  Internet Radio Free

STARZ v3.6.4


Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go

With STARZ you can download your favorite series and movies and watch them offline whenever you want.

 |  Lifestyle Free

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video 3.0.253

Stream Amazon Prime videos on your Android

Now you can watch your favorite movies and videos from your Android smartphone.

 |  Amazon Free

Pluto TV - It’s Free TV 3.7.0-oculus

Pluto TV - It’s Free TV 3.7.0

Watch amazing videos shared by people around the world

Developer: Pluto Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Media - Video 

 |  Media - Video  Free


Facebook 178.0.0

Quick Access to Facebook

Facebook is a social networking application that allows users to manage Facebook directly from their ...

 |  Facebook Status Free

Google Play Services for AR 1.8.190311073

Google Play Services for AR 1.8.190311073

Get the most out of augmented reality on your Android device

ARCore is a platform developed by Google for users who want to create Augmented Reality apps.

 |  Tools  Free

Uber 4.253.10002

Uber 4.253.10002

Travel in the conveniently and inexpensively with Uber!

Allows you to make a road trip with a personal chauffeur to pick you up anywhere and anytime.

 |  Taxi Free

Hulu: Watch TV & Stream Movies

Hulu: Watch TV & Stream Movies 3.56.0

Stream the latest TV shows on the go with Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus will give you access to all the current TV shows and movies on the go.

 |  Lifestyle Free

Venmo 7.37.0

Venmo 7.37.0

Want to share payments with buddies? Try Venmo

Venmo uses credit card or bank information to allow the user to send and receive money through Android.

 |  Finance  Free

OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up 3.32.0

OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up 3.32.0

Buy and sell stuff with OfferUp Android app

Developer: OfferUp Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Shopping 

 |  Shopping  Free

File Magic -JunkFiles, Free up space, VirusCleaner 1.5.15

File Magic -JunkFiles, Free up space, VirusCleaner 1.5.15

Find and remove useless or duplicate files

Developer: PT Harapan Karunia Makmur ( HKM )
Categories: Android apps, Productivity 

 |  Productivity  Free

Google Express v1.0

Google Express

Buy your favorite stuff with the Google Shopping Express

Developer: Google Inc.
Categories: Google Chat, Search Engine, Shopping , Social Networking, Social 

 |  Google+ Free

PayPal 7.12.0

PayPal 7.12.0

Even easier to use your Paypal account!

Paypal is a utility app through which you can access your PayPal account and make all financial ...

 |  Paypal Free

Google Translate 6.1.1.RC05.263290440

Google Translate 6.1.1

More than 65 languages instantly translated!

Google Translate is an essential application for international travel. It can help you translate words ...

 |  Multiple language Translator Free

Mods for Minecraft 3.8.6

Mods for Minecraft 3.8.6

Download mods, skins, and maps for Minecraft

A free utility launcher that brings together various resources, organized into categories.

 |  Lifestyle Free

Paint by Numbers: New Coloring Pictures Book Free 2.5.3

Paint by Numbers: New Coloring Pictures Book Free 2.5.3

Enjoy and relax while coloring beautiful figures

With mandalas, mosaics, animals and other interesting themes, this free coloring book is an excellent ...

 |  Lifestyle Free

Android Auto 3.1.581053-release

Android Auto 3.1.581053

Get essential information and apps while on the road!

Android Auto lets you access your favorite apps without taking your eyes off the road.

 |  Taxi Free

Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats 2.2.1

Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats 2.2.1

Create your own grooves and beats in unique styles!

The Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats allows the user to unleash his creativity by creating music tracks on ...

 |  Piano Free

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A 1.1.1

YOLO: Anonymous Q&A 1.1.1

You can now interact anonymously in Snapchat

Yolo is a social networking application that allows Snapchat users to ask questions or send messages to ...

 |  Manage Social Networks Free

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free 4.23.2

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free 4.23.2

Learn languages ??while playing and having fun!

Duolingo is a language teaching app that involves the student in a fun methodology with which language ...

 |  Learn Spanish Free

Microsoft Outlook Preview 3.0.63

Microsoft Outlook Preview 3.0.63

Easily manage your e-mails, calendars and contacts.

It lets you manage your Microsoft Outlook e-mail account on your Android device, to read, send and ...

 |  Calendar Free

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How To Know When Someone Comes Online On WhatsApp: Sotla

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WorldWide KPOP Day: 5 Best K-Pop Apps every International Fan needs to Download

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How to use more than 5 Instagram accounts on Android

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How to convert your videos into GIFs with WhatsApp

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