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    About myPilot

    L Johnson:
    I don't have (nor do I want) a Google or Gmail account so wasn't able to set up an account. That's frustrating. I entered my actual email address, but wasn't allowed to continue set up of myPilot account. I'm not certain why the account MUST be tied to gmail, but that won't work for me. … more

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    About 5000 Likes FREE for Instagram

    It came up with a warning so I didn't open it … more

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    About Clubland TV

    Don't know. Every time I try to download it keep's saying Google has prohibited download because it is unsafe. What a pisser! … more

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    About Metro Block-it

    It was a waste of the 2.00$ I'm being charge, why have it when you can't block text messages only calls.. defeats the whole reason I wanted it.... I RATE THIS A BIG 0 … more