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ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers image

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

Custome your phone the way you want

Zedge is a custom application that lets you change the wallpaper and ringing phone, among others.

 |  Sound Effects Free

Fidget Spinner Space 3D Theme image

Fidget Spinner Space 3D Theme 1.1.2

3D live wallpaper with a blue background, lockscreen, and icons.

Developer: Launcher Design
Categories: Android Themes, Themes, Games Theme, Space Theme

 |  Space Theme Free

GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper image

GO Launcher -Theme & Wallpaper

Make full use of your Android's resources with this app

Go Launcher EX  is a customization tool that lets you change the look and optimize some features of ...

 |  Task Launcher Free

Ice Wolf 3D Theme image

Ice Wolf 3D Theme 1.4.0

How to get an elegant and original theme in 3D

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Games Theme Free

MIUI 8 - Icon Pack image

MIUI 8 - Icon Pack 1.0.4

Colorful, modern icons for your Android

Developer: le0maz
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 0.99

CM Launcher 3D Pro image

CM Launcher 3D Pro 1.0.9

Create a customized home screen with CM Launcher!

Devices with Android system.

 |  Android Themes US$ 4.99

3D Parallax Background image

3D Parallax Background 1.38

Get the Parallax look for your phone

Developer: Vinwap Games
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 0.99

Tigad Pro Icon Pack image

Tigad Pro Icon Pack 1.8.0

Developer: Indigo Madina
Categories: Android Themes, Wallpaper

 |  Wallpaper Free

Dynasty Icon Pack (beta) image

Dynasty Icon Pack (beta) 2.4

Developer: Drumdestroyer
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 1.39

Mador - Icon Pack image

Mador - Icon Pack 14.4.0

Change your icons any time you get bored of them

Developer: Vertumus
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 0.99

Velur - Icon Pack image

Velur - Icon Pack 15.3.0

High quality icon pack to make your Android fabulous

Developer: Vertumus
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 0.99

WatchMaker Premium -Wear Faces image

WatchMaker Premium -Wear Faces 4.3.1

Make amazing watch faces on your Android smartphone

Developer: androidslide
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 3.99

SquareHome Key image

SquareHome Key 6

Developer: ChYK
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 3.99

Tenex - Icon Pack image

Tenex - Icon Pack 8.9.0

Many icons to choose from and 16 HD wallpapers

Developer: Vertumus
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 0.99

XPERIA™ VHS Theme image

XPERIA™ VHS Theme 1.0.0

Xperia theme with awesome graphics

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Games Theme US$ 1.99

XPERIA™ - PlayStation® Theme image

XPERIA™ - PlayStation® Theme 1.0.1

Get the official PlayStation theme on your Xperia!

Personalize your Sony XPERIA with a free theme inspired by the PlayStation®.

 |  Games Theme US$ 1.99

Deep Space 3D Pro lwp image

Deep Space 3D Pro lwp 1.0

Developer: Ruslan Sokolovsky
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes US$ 1.28

Fidget Spinners Lock Screen HD image

Fidget Spinners Lock Screen HD 1.0

Protect your Android with a stylish lock screen app

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Android Themes Free

Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds image

Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds 1.5

High quality images for any screen size: HD wallpapers

Developer: WallpapersCraft | True HD 4К Wallpapers
Categories: Android Themes, Wallpaper, Games Wallpapers, HD Wallpapers

 |  HD Wallpapers Free

Glass Tech 3D Live Theme image

Glass Tech 3D Live Theme 1.0

A stunning 3D theme with a "flip-put" effect!

Smartphones and tablets with Android technology.

 |  Games Theme Free

Always On AMOLED - BETA image

Always On AMOLED - BETA 0.9.9

Keep your smartphone screen alert!

Android-powered phones and tablets.

 |  Android Themes Free

S Collage Photo Editor image

S Collage Photo Editor 1.03

Organize your photos into superb collages.

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Android Themes Free

Clown Fish Animated Keyboard image

Clown Fish Animated Keyboard 1.46

Turn your Android into a portable fish aquarium

Android smartphones or tablets.

 |  Android Themes Free

Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 image

Fonts for FlipFont 50 #6 3.13.1

Customize your messages with great fonts

Developer: Fonts Free
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes Free

Super AMOLED Wallpapers  image

Super AMOLED Wallpapers 13

Personalize your Android with the coolest wallpapers

Android devices.

 |  Games Wallpapers Free

Launcher 8 free (fake wp8) image

Launcher 8 free (fake wp8) 3.4.9

Give your Android the Windows Phone 8 Theme

Windows Phone UI design for Android devices. Includes tools that allow you to fully customize the look ...

 |  Android Themes Free

Hola Launcher image

Hola Launcher 3.0.9

Add a new level of customization to your Android device!

What sets Hola Launcher apart is its small size (2MB only) and its speed. You can customize your Android ...

 |  Abstract Themes Free

Atom Launcher image

Atom Launcher 2.2.92

A simple and lightweight launcher for Android ICS 4.0.2

Designed for practicality and style, Atom Launcher features an interface with monochrome icons that can ...

 |  Android Themes Free

Apex Launcher image

Apex Launcher 3.1.0

Original options with transition effects

Apex Launcher is an application that lets you customize and organize folders, files and shortcuts ...

 |  Android Themes Free

ADW.Launcher image

ADW.Launcher 1.3.3

An innovative Android desktop!

Customize the look of your smartphone. Change icons, folders, and themes easily. Visually interesting ...

 |  Android Themes Free

Glitter Zipper Lock image

Glitter Zipper Lock 1.1

Decorate your phone with shiny glitter!

Android smartphones.

 |  Android Themes Free

Muzei Live Wallpaper image

Muzei Live Wallpaper 2.1.1

Turn your smartphone into an art museum

With Muzei, you can view several daily wallpapers inspired on works by famous artists.

 |  Live Wallpaper Free

Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds image

Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds 1.3

The best collection of exclusive wallpapers for women

Thousands of wallpapers ideal for anyone who wants to refresh the look of their Android device.

 |  Games Wallpapers Free

91 Lock Screen-DIY your locker image

91 Lock Screen-DIY your locker 2.1.8

Personalize your lock screen with unique DIY images

Smartphones and tablets with Android technology.

 |  Android Themes Free

Furatto Icon Pack image

Furatto Icon Pack 1.9.3

Customize your icons with versatile vector graphics

Personalize your Android's interface with icons and themes.

 |  Android Themes US$ 0.99

XPERIA™ Mass Effect™ Theme image

XPERIA™ Mass Effect™ Theme 1.0.1

If you like Mass Effect, this is your theme!

An animated theme for Sony XPERIA, inspired by the famous video game Mass Effect. You can customize the ...

 |  Live Wallpaper Free

XPERIA™ Spring Theme image

XPERIA™ Spring Theme 1.0.0

Spring is back and so is this XPERIA theme!

Customize your Android XPERIA with a beautiful spring inspired theme.

 |  Games Theme Free

Black Hole - Lock screen image

Black Hole - Lock screen 3.26.25

The depth of blackness in your home screen!

Developer: Smart Launcher Team
Categories: Android Themes

 |  Android Themes Free

Cornie Oldie image

Cornie Oldie 1.3.7

An icon pack extension compatible with most launchers

Android smartphones.

 |  Android Themes Free

A Swift Dark Substratum Theme image

A Swift Dark Substratum Theme 8.5

A modern dark theme for rooted ROMs with Substratum!

Android smartphones.

 |  Games Theme US$ 1.99

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