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Main features of Feed and Grow Survival Fish

Game Goal:

Are you looking for a relaxing and fun underwater exploration game with addictive gameplay? Then check out Feed and Grow Survival Fish a unique and polished game experience where you must climb the food chain and survive while hunting fish for food.

How to Play:

The goal of the game is to take control of your fish and explore the vast sea finding food and hunting for other smaller fish, while at the same time avoiding predators. Exploring will let you survive and continue to have fun.


The game features a simple visual design with charming artwork and relaxing colors.

Game play:

The aim of the game is to grow your fish and climb the food chain, staying safe from larger predatos and scouting for food sources while exploring the ocean. Feeding on smaller fish will increase your size, making you strong.


The game features simple touch controls that make it easy to control your Fish with the onscreen buttons.


The app interface supports English.

Useful Tips:

Be sure to avoid predator fish who outclass you in size and prey on smaller fish to grow larger.



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Addictive gameplay.
Easy to play.
Free to enjoy.


Gameplay may become repetitive over time.
The visuals could be more impressive.

Useful Tips

Note the game will increase battery drain during gameplay.