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Swag Shooter - Online & Offline Battle Royale Game

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Main features of Swag Shooter - Online & Offline Battle Royale Game

Game Goal:

Are you looking for your next favorite online battle royale action game on Android? Check out Swag Shooter - Online & Offline Battle Royale Game an exciting and addictive new shooter game where your goal is to be the last one standing in a brutal online battle!

How to Play:

In order to survive you will need to explore the map and search for resources from food, health items, weapons and even vehicles that will help you defeat the other players and stay alive until the end of the match in a brutal competitive landscape.


The visual style is impressive, boasting realistic environments and high quality animations.


The game features a realistic selection of sounds and a dynamic soundtrack.

Game play:

The goal of the game is to be the final survivor out of all the players in the match, defeating other players removes them from the game and makes it easier to win. Each player has three lives and must compete to take the final spot.


The game features a simple on screen touch button system you can customize to your liking.


The app interface supports English and Russian.



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Simple and fun to play.
Plenty of weapons to enjoy using.
Each character has a unique skillset.


The game may lag on older devices.

Useful Tips

Note that battery drain may increase during gameplay.
Be sure to carefully search the in game world for extra items such as weapons and ammo.