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Main Features of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile Mod Searcher

Game Goal:

In this sequel of Euro Truck Simulator, the player drives trucks on the roads of Europe to complete different tasks and challenges to get paid accordingly to the level of difficulty. The goal is to save money to buy a new truck.

How to Play:

Creat an avatar (select name, gender, clothing, etc.), then accept a job contract to explore the roads of Europe with your truck. Your main task is to pick up the cargo, transport it and repair the truck whenever necessary. Simpler tasks - less money, more complex tasks - you earn more.


Your can adjust the graphics quality according to the capabilities of your device. Besides bringing together different truck brands and models, the map is quite vast and has diverse scenery (mountains, country roads, etc.).


Customization of commands is available, as well. For example, you can controll the truck using the accelerometer or gestures (such as touching and/or sliding your finger on the steering wheel, pedals, etc.)


The apps interface is available in English.


3.4 MB

Operating System:




Free app with no internal purchases. Free

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 3.4 MB of free memory space and Android 4.4 or higher.


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POSITIVE about Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile Mod Searcher

The app is a highly realistic simulator with plenty of content to enjoy.
There are numerous graphics options and customizable controls.
The app boasts a realistic and huge map to explore.

NEGATIVE about Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile Mod Searcher

The save system can sometimes be faulty.

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