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Main features of BeamNG Drive simulator

Game Goal:

Experience the thrill and challenge of driving a realistic truck in this entertaining and exciting simulator game featuring fun obstacles and crazy gameplay. The player must control a Truck through crazy obstacles such as walls, craters, buildings and more!

How to Play:

By progressing through the game you will experience the challenge of driving a truck through numerous exciting environments such as highways, the desert, and dense forestry while maneuvering around dangerous obstacles without taking too much damage to your vehicle.


The game offers numerous beautiful environments to explore with realistic high quality vehicle models and advanced physics that make driving interesting and challenging.


The game has high quality sound effects that make driving the truck feel authentic and realistic, such as impressive engine sounds and enviromemntal noises that make experiencing each drive exciting.


The game features on screen controls, that allow you to direct the vehicle with the on screen arrows as well as access the engine accelerator and brakes on the opposite side of the screen.


The game supports English.


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There is a vast collection of trucks to unlock.
The game features realistic visuals and authentic sounds.
The game has realistic driving physics.
There are numerous camera settings to help you enjoy your drive.