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"Have fun with the Angry Brids in space!"

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Main Features of Angry Birds Space

  1. Game Goal: Angry Birds in Space is an action game that needs no introduction. In this adventure you'll have to confront the space pigs with your Angry Birds.
  2. How to play: In this version, the attack occurs in space. As in other games in the series, you have to shoot the birds against the bad piggies; however, in zero gravity, will need to review your launch strategy.
  3. Graphics: The appearance is beautiful, with well-developed details and beautiful graphics.
  4. Game play: With the effect of zero gravity, the game slows down, but it's still great and very accurate.
  5. Controls: To shoot birds, just slide your finger on the device screen as if you were using a sling.
  6. Languages: English.
  7. Content Classification: Ages 8+.
  8. Platform: For Android phones and tablets.
  9. Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.
  10. Size: 46M
  11. Operating System: Android
  12. Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd. is based in Finland - Developer trusted by Android Market.
  13. Recomendations: Great pastime and entertainment for the little ones.
  14. Price details: Some upgrades are paid. Free
  15. Installation requirements: A minimum of 46M of free memory space and Android 2.3 or higher.
  • Rating: The TOP 1 Most popular games in Space Games category.

POSITIVE about Angry Birds Space

  1. Download this space game for free.
  2. Detailed scenes, with a good environment.
  3. Realistic animations.
  4. Powers and new effects.
  5. Over 150 levels.

NEGATIVE about Angry Birds Space

  1. A heavyweight game; uses a large amount of memory.
  2. Breakdowns after the last update.

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Cool angri birds Its awsome


Kaszy It's a very funny and cool game

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