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Main Features of Pokemon Ruby

Game Goal:

The APK allows users to emulate the Pokémon Ruby game on their Android device. Capture, train, and evolve Pokémon monsters. Participate in battles with up to 3 players.

How to Play:

Pokémon Ruby is an RPG-style game that was originally launched for the Game Boy. Create an avatar, explore maps, capture, train, evolve the little monsters, etc.  Participate in battles with up to 3 players, in either competitive or collaborative mode.

Game Options:

Play with up to 3 friends, in either collaborative or competitive mode.


The game maintains the same retro look as the original version of Pokémon Ruby. Colorful, detailed, pixelated graphics, but with low definition.

Game play:

As a Game Boy Advance emulator, it features the same console buttons. Move around the world, challenge trainers to win medals, and become a Pokémon master.


The APK reproduces the classic Game Boy commands including buttons and arrows.





Operating System:



A completely free app. Free

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 6,6M of free memory space and Android OS which .


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POSITIVE about Pokemon Ruby

Filled with missions and challenges.
You can play with friends.
Visuals and controls inspired by the original version of the game.
The engaging story will hold your attention.
More than 200 Pokémon to capture.

NEGATIVE about Pokemon Ruby

The game takes too long to load.

Useful Tips Pokemon Ruby

Check out YouTube for more information about the gameplay.