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Main Features of Blur Overdrive

Game Goal:

Unlike ultra-realistic driving simulators, having fun in a racing mobile game is also a priority for some programmers. In this game, you enjoy driving an epic sports car at fast speeds but also the liberty to attack your rivals to cross the finish line first & win the race. 

How to Play:

An important highlight of this racing game is the aerial view. You need to control the car as well as keep track of the circuit & your rivals; overtake them; use power moves to attack them & get them off the track; slow them down & cross the finish line first to win! 

Game play:

You have a garage of 25 different cars - each customizable. You also have different levels with different tasks: some in which you need to win in first place and in others, crash or destroy your rival's car. For this, you can use 8 types of power moves such as mines or lightning strikes. 


Interface in Spanish, English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese.


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Operating System:




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Installation requirements:

A minimum of 21.69 MB of free memory space and Android OS which .


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POSITIVE about Blur Overdrive

Fast and entertaining game.
Ideal for car lovers.
Easy to play and learn about how to control it.
Colorful graphics and good animations.
Low memory needed.

NEGATIVE about Blur Overdrive

Some items are only available for a fee.

Useful Tips Blur Overdrive

You need to wait to get your gas recharged, in order to race on the next circuit. Take a look at this gameplay tutorial in Spanish to find out how to play this epic racing game. 

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