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"One of the best screen lockers for Android"

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Main Features of Locker Master

  1. App description: A perfect theme for Android users who want to create their own wallpaper or lock screen!
  2. Functions: Brings several options, graphics, and other props so that the user can create or customize themes and lock screens; lock screens to display incoming calls, text messages and notifications of the most used applications; as well as support for high-resolution images.
  3. Controls: To set the theme or access, the lock screen just use touches and gestures.
  4. Languages: English.
  5. Recommendations: Creative users who want to develop the theme themselves.
  6. Platform: Google Play.
  7. Size: 2.87 MB
  8. Operating System: Android
  9. Developer:   Qiigame
  10. Recomendations: Content suitable for all ages.
  11. Price details: Free app with no internal purchases. Free
  12. Installation requirements: A minimum of 2.87 MB of free memory space and Android 4.0 or higher.

POSITIVE about Locker Master

  1. Create or customize themes directly on the Android.
  2. Supports high-definition images.
  3. Even with the locked screen, displays calls, notifications and messages.

NEGATIVE about Locker Master

  1. It is not compatible with all Android devices.

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Pretty nice A clean and smooth locker


The themes are creative and unique

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