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Main features of Final Fight

Game Goal:

Looking to experience this arcade classic reimagined for modern devices? Check out Final Fight an exciting and addictive fighting game where you must defeat your foes by exploring the streets, taking part in amazing battles to win.

How to Play:

The goal of the game is to help the three main characters rescue their friend Jessica by travelling through the various game locations and taking the fight to the streets to defeat the enemies standing in your way. By defeating bosses, you can get closer to saving Jessica and winning!

Game play:

Each character you can pick has their own unique skillset and abilities to use in combat. You can customize your characters battle style as you progress through each stage with increasing difficulty, be sure to look for helpful items and extra weapons on the way.


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Plenty of stages and different enemies to defeat.
Impressive visuals and animations.
Easy to control and simple to enjoy.
The app file size is small.


Supports single player only.
Some stages are quite challenging.

Useful Tips

The best way to defeat your enemies is to divide and conquer and defeat them in small groups.