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Main Features of X Street Fight

Game Goal:

Are you looking for an old school inspired battle game that lets you beat up your foes on the movee? Check out X Street Fight an addictive and action packed fighting adventure where you travel and put your strength and abilities to the test to see who is the best fighter.

How to Play:

The goal of the game is to explore the in game levels and defeating your foes in battle. At the end of each level there is a challenging boss that must be defeated in order to continue.


The game features an impressive visual style focusing on recreating an authentic retro look.


The game boasts a satisfying selection of sounds and an exciting soundtrack.

Game play:

The game features an impressive selection of stages to explore, as well as a healthy selection of items and skills to obtain to help you best your increasingly challenging foes.


The game features easy to utilise on-screen buttons that respond to simple taps. Your buttons are used to move your character as well as execution actions like jump and shoot.


The app interface supports English.



Operating System:




A completely free app. Free0

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 13M of free memory space and Android OS which .


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POSITIVE about X Street Fight

Addictive gameplay.
Stunning visual style.
Easy to play.

NEGATIVE about X Street Fight

Language support is limited.

Useful Tips X Street Fight

Be sure to explore each level carefully to find extra items and increase your damage.
Please note that battery drain may increase during gameplay.