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NBA 2K13

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Main features of NBA 2K13

Game Goal:

All sports lover recognize that basketball is one of the most cherished sports worldwide. One of the most prominent sports in the USA, jog your memory with this NBA game to enjoy the 2013 NBA 2K Sports simulator with contemporary player squads in this game. 

How to Play:

Try your best to win the championship in this epic game of basketball. With the options to choose teams to play one or more sessions, adjusting difficulty or match duration and control keys, you can count to enjoy the complete basketball Android gaming package. 

Game play:

This game stands out for having real team players from the 2K13 session, epic graphics and realistic player movement mechanics. Try a quick game or a multi-session journey mode to take your team to the top, this game offers it all. Powerful music supported by dope artists like Jay-Z, U2 etc


This app supports the Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German & English languages. 



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Realistic NBA players with real-life facial features and squad arrangements. 
The best choice for basketball lovers & die-hard fans. 
The game has realistic graphic with very swift transitioning animations. 
A pacey and entertaining game. 


The game contains some advertisements. 
The game files take up a considerable amount of storage space. 

Useful Tips

The game has a built-in practice mode which you can use to get accustomed to the controls. This tutorial video explains the gameplay and how it works.