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Twin Shooter - Invaders

FreeVersion 1.0.7
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Main Features of Twin Shooter - Invaders

Game Goal:

You must use all your skills to control two spacecraft and sharpen your aim at the same time to destroy the alien invaders who will try to kill you.

How to Play:

You have to use two hands to handle the controls of the ships and precise aiming to destroy the enemies while avoiding being hit by your own shots.

Game play:

It lets you play with a friend on the same device and as you progress you'll get coins which you can spend to unlock a total of 20 different ships.




49 MB

Operating System:




Ideal for children above 7 years old.


Some upgrades require payment. Free0

Installation requirements:

A minimum of 49 MB of free memory space and Android 4.0 or higher.

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POSITIVE about Twin Shooter - Invaders

High-quality graphics and sound.
Ideal for the nostalgia.
It is a very original game.
It is updated with new ships and enemies.
It lets you play with a friend.

NEGATIVE about Twin Shooter - Invaders

At first it is difficult understand the controls.