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"Drive and score goals to beat your opponents!"

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Main Features of Turbo league

  1. Game Goal: You'll have to travel to the future to drive powerful vehicles. The aim is to drive while attempting to control a big ball, which you need to get passed the goal line to score. To win you need to score more than your opponents.
  2. How to Play: Basically you have to hit the ball toward the opposing goal, all the matches last 5 minutes and you'll get several types of vehicles that you can customize to your liking.
  3. Game Options: It has an offline mode where you must compete against the game's AI while in its online mode you can participate in team games of up to 6 players.
  4. Controls: It is operated with the touch screen, clicking on the bottom left you can control the direction while in the bottom right of the screen is the accelerator and other buttons to jump or slide.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Platform: Google Play, iOS Store.
  7. Size: 28M
  8. Operating System: Android
  9. Developer: Zero Four LLC is based in United States - Trusted, high-quality developer.
  10. Recomendations: Content suitable for all ages.
  11. Price details: Some upgrades require payment. Free
  12. Installation requirements: A minimum of 28M of free memory space and Android 3.0 or higher.

POSITIVE about Turbo league

  1. You can play against users from all over the world.
  2. Great quality of graphics.
  3. Fast and entertaining matches.
  4. Plenty of options to customize your car.

NEGATIVE about Turbo league

  1. The controls need to be improved.
  2. A good internet connection is required.

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