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"Indulge in a magical world as dashing knight!"

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Main Features of Soul Knight

  1. Game Goal: The goal is to collect treasures as you explore the creepy dungeons where monsters live.
  2. How to Play: Venture into various dungeons to collect treasures. Along the way, you must use your skills, tricks and various types of weapons to fight against enemies.
  3. Graphics: In addition to its detailed animation, it has pixelated features and colorful graphics that will appeal to fans of retro games.
  4. Controls: Tap or slide your fingers on the screen in various directions to control the character.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Size: 479M
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Developer:   ChillyRoom
  9. Recomendations: An ideal game to enjoy with the whole family.
  10. Price details: Paid upgrades within the app. Free
  11. Installation requirements: A minimum of 479M of free memory space and Android 4.1 or higher.

POSITIVE about Soul Knight

  1. Many customization options.
  2. A variety of weapons available.
  3. Very addictive and a great pastime choice.
  4. Well-designed smooth graphics

NEGATIVE about Soul Knight

  1. The controls do not respond very well.

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They have long range weapons


Cool and challenging

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