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Main features of Car Parking Multiplayer

Game Goal:

Enjoy parking cars? Well now it's possible to improve your skills in this multiplayer game! Perform cool maneuvers as you try not to crash into other cars, making friends along the way with other players!

How to Play:

Go through all 86 levels of the game, as you try to park your car on time in the marked area while observing the rules of the road. Avoid crashing into other cars and barries as you fight to beat the clock!

Game Options:

Go through levels, park cars in the right places, or even play the free ride mode, where there are no restrictions or rules. Get to know the city and earn extra money to buy new cars or open to locations.


The game has more than 50 detailed cars with unique interiors, the graphics are pleasing with realistic and bright colors.


Use the virtual steering wheel, accelerator, brake, clutch pedals, and manual gearbox to control the car. In addition, you can quickly switch between cameras to better see where you are going.




995 MB

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Ability to move around the city freely.
Ability to communicate with other players.
Parts of the cars can be tuned.
The presence of several game modes and many exciting levels.
Multiplayer races.


A lot of advertising.
Paid content available.

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