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Zak Storm Super Pirate

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Main Features of Zak Storm Super Pirate

Game Goal:

Embark on an incredible adventure to save the Seven Seas from the tyranny of the evil pirate, Skullivar.  You, along with your crew will travel around the world in a magical ship with the help of your sword, Calabras. 

How to Play:

Your mission is to win battles, regain control of the seas, and complete destroy Skullivar and his henchmen. If you have the original Zak Storm toys you can scan them in order to bring the skins into the game.

Game Options:

The gameplay is limited to one player, and you don't need an internet connection.




You'll be accompanied by a very witty and diverse crew. You'll wonder how you recuited this band of crazy characters that include a space traveler, a Viking, and an alien.


No specification

Operating System:



Does not include loud startling sounds.


Paid upgrades within the app. Free

Installation requirements:

Android 5.0 and the minimum space isn't specified.


The TOP 10 Most Downloaded Games in Pirate Games category.

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POSITIVE about Zak Storm Super Pirate

You can level up both the protagonist and his companions by completing missions.
The gameplay gets progressively more difficult.

NEGATIVE about Zak Storm Super Pirate

You'll need to pay for the best items.

Useful Tips Zak Storm Super Pirate

Check out YouTube for more information about the gameplay.