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"Become a mechanical shark and explore the depths of the ocean "

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Main Features of Robot Shark

  1. Game Goal: Robot Shark is an interesting simulator for any Tranformer fans, in this case, the player must control a shark that turns into a powerful robot capable of fighting the most diverse enemies.
  2. How to Play: Take control of a robot shark capable of defeating bandits, cops, and other opponents that cross your path. No need to feed the shark, just recharge the batteries!
  3. Graphics: Lack of visual whim, which brings poorly detailed graphics and poor definition.
  4. Controls: Simply touch the screen and the buttons located on the sides of the itnerface to control the shark.
  5. Languages: English.
  6. Size: No specification
  7. Operating System: Android
  8. Recomendations: Contains explicit use of bad language.
  9. Price details: Some upgrades require payment. Free
  10. Installation requirements: Android 4.0 and the minimum space isn't specified.
  • Rating: The TOP 1 Most popular games in Robot Games category.

POSITIVE about Robot Shark

  1. It has an interesting and extensive map.
  2. Ideal for all Tranformer fans.
  3. Offers serveral challenges with increasingly difficult levels.

NEGATIVE about Robot Shark

  1. Ads disrupt the game.
  2. The graphics are ugly and bland.

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