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Kung Fu: Fighting Game TEKKEN 3

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Main Features of Kung Fu: Fighting Game TEKKEN 3

App description:

Looking a fun retro fighting game? Kung Fu: Fighting Game TEKKEN 3 is the perfect app for you. Based on the original beloved series, you can now enjoy classic Tekken gameplay on the go featuring an authentic visual style. Can you beat your opponents in battle?


After launching the game you can freely select a mode to play. From there, simply select your desired fighter and do battle against your opponent. In order to win, you have to deplete their health completely while avoiding taking damage yourself.


There are numerous modes to enjoy, from survival matches, team battles, an arcade mode, Tekken force mode, and more.

How to use:

The game features an impressively rendered old school 3D style emulating the classic titles in the series, with high quality animation and effects.


The game features easy to use on screen buttons that respond to taps. The buttons are located on each side of the screen.


The app interface is available in English.


The perfect game for those who enjoy old school fighting games.


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Operating System:




Contains mildly frightening scenes or sounds.


Free app with no internal purchases. Free

Installation requirements:

Android 4.0 and the minimum space isn't specified.


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POSITIVE about Kung Fu: Fighting Game TEKKEN 3

The game offers numerous modes to enjoy.
The app file size is small.

NEGATIVE about Kung Fu: Fighting Game TEKKEN 3

Controls can be imprecise and clunky.
The visuals could be sharper.