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TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos, Funny GIFs &TV shows image

TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos, Funny GIFs &TV shows 4.2.3

Developer: TopBuzz
Categories: Lifestyle, Media - Video , Poems, TV, Video

 |  Funny Videos Free

Bible image

Bible 1.9.1

Read a new verse everyday with this free Bible app

A digital version of King Jacob's Bible with which you can enjoy a daily verse accompanied by an image ...

 |  Bible Quotes Free

Audible for Android image

Audible for Android

Listen to books on the go with Audible for Android

Audible is a company that belongs to Amazon and offers more than 180,000 audiobooks for you to listen at ...

 |  Books Free

Adobe Reader image

Adobe Reader

The most reliable app to interact with PDF docs

Adobe Reader is a productivity application and a useful and essential tool with which you can not only ...

 |  Pdf Reader Free

Bible image

Bible 6.5.1

Several versions of the Holy Scriptures

Bible is a reading application that allows you to read or study the holy book on your Android device.

 |  Bible Free

HOOKED - Chat Stories image

HOOKED - Chat Stories 1.42

A truly exciting reading experience!

Read exciting stories of different genres with the unique characteristic of being written in text ...

 |  Quotes Free

Amazon Kindle image

Amazon Kindle 7.18.0

The largest collection of digital books in the world!

Kindle is an e-book reader from Amazon with an English interface that offers almost the same features as ...

 |  Kindle Reader Free

Word Swag - Cool fonts, quotes image

Word Swag - Cool fonts, quotes 2.1.10

Android phones.

 |  Quotes US$ 3.99

QSeer Coupon Reader image

QSeer Coupon Reader 1.0

Developer: Dusty Wallet, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Books, Shopping , eBook, e-Reader

 |  e-Reader US$ 1.99

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State image

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State 3.3.3

Follow and adhere to the concealed firearm laws in U.S.

Developer: Workman Consulting
Categories: Android apps, Books

 |  Books US$ 1.99 Premium image Premium 5.2.2

Stay out of trouble with this dictionary

Developer:, LLC
Categories: Android apps, Books, References, Dictionary, Name Dictionary

 |  Name Dictionary US$ 2.99

Knots 3D image

Knots 3D 4.5.0

Learn to tie knots in 3D with your Android

Learn to tie 120 different types of knots and know when and how to use them.

 |  Books US$ 1.99

Yahoo Fantasy Sports image

Yahoo Fantasy Sports 8.2.5

Play the role of a soccer star

Developer: Yahoo! Inc.
Categories: Search Engine, Social , Sport, Yahoo, Yahoo Chat

 |  Yahoo Chat Free image 5.2.2

The best mobile dictionary available on your Android is one of the leading, free English dictionary apps for Android, allowing you to search ...

 |  Name Dictionary Free

Inoreader - News Reader & RSS image

Inoreader - News Reader & RSS 5.3.11

The latest updated news on your phone or tablet!

Lightweight, fast, easy to use RSS/Atom Reader.

 |  e-Reader Free

iReader image

iReader 6.7.5

Enjoy this e-Book reader for Android

Ebook reader for your Android phone. Enjoy reading wherever and whenever.

 |  e-Reader Free

Aldiko Book Reader Premium image

Aldiko Book Reader Premium 3.0.38

Choose how you want to read!

Powerful e-book reader compatible with the Epub, Pdf, or Adobe formats.

 |  Aldiko Book Reader US$ 4.99

Learn English Vocabulary - 6,000 Words image

Learn English Vocabulary - 6,000 Words 5.31

An easy and fun way to increase your English vocabulary

Learn English Words 6000 allows you to learn 6000 English words with their phonetic transcription and ...

 |  English Poets Free

English to Spanish Translation image

English to Spanish Translation 1.2.8

Try this excellent Spanish - English translator!

Android smartphones.

 |  English Poets Free

Tap - Chat Stories by Wattpad image

Tap - Chat Stories by Wattpad 4.9.0

Immerse yourself in fantastic stories through texts!

Enjoy a collection of all kinds of stories to read with the pecularity that they are narrated in a chat ...

 |  Chat Free

Best English Hindi Dictionary image

Best English Hindi Dictionary 1.1

Translate from English to Hindi & viceversa!

Developer: Bhakti Sangrah
Categories: Languages Dictionary, Name Dictionary, Poems, Poets, References

 |  English Dictionary Free

Lovecraft Collection ® Vol. 1 image

Lovecraft Collection ® Vol. 1 1.0.24

A great story with animations and sound effects!

Read a series of HP Lovecraft stories illustrated, animated and with sound to immerse you completely.

 |  Thrillers Books Free

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster image

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster 3.1.4

Essential for students of English

The Merriam-Webster is a complete and essential dictionary of the English language, in digital format ...

 |  Name Dictionary Free

QR Code Reader image

QR Code Reader 2.3

Scan and read QR codes with this simple app

Developer: Scan, Inc.
Categories: QR Code Reader, Tools , Utilities, e-Reader, eBook

 |  QR Code Reader Free

Wattpad   image

Wattpad 6.61.0

The largest community of readers on your Android

Wattpad is an eBook reader that gives you unlimited access to a global library, which collects stories ...

 |  e-Reader Free

NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines image

NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines 3.5.3

Read ebooks and magzines on your Android with NOOK app

Developer: Barnes and Noble
Categories: Android apps, Books

 |  Books Free

Moon+ Reader Pro image

Moon+ Reader Pro 4.1.2

Read any book wherever you are!

Moon + Reader Pro is an eBook reader that offers customization options and supports various text ...

 |  e-Reader US$ 4.99

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form image

ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form 2.6.9

To view and edit PDF files

Multimedia ezPDF Reader is an application that lets you access, edit and fill PDF files directly from ...

 |  Pdf Reader US$ 3.99

RepliGo PDF Reader image

RepliGo PDF Reader 4.2.7

View and edit documents with this app

Developer: Cerience Corporation
Categories: Books, Pdf Reader, Productivity , e-Reader, eBook

 |  Pdf Reader US$ 2.99

Press (RSS Reader) image

Press (RSS Reader) 1.5.4

Finally, Google Reader for your mobile phone

Read your favorite magazines and newspapers from your Android.

 |  Google Reader Free

SVOX US English Grace Voice image

SVOX US English Grace Voice 3.1.4

Your mobile can speak English with this app

Developer: SVOX Mobile Voices
Categories: Books, Communication , English Poets, Poems, Poets

 |  English Poets US$ 2.99

The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss image

The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss 1.49

Dr Seuss's greatest success on your Android

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Books

 |  Books US$ 3.99

Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss image

Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss 1.51

Explore & learn with this Dr Seus interactive book

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Books

 |  Books US$ 3.99

One Fish Two Fish - Dr. Seuss image

One Fish Two Fish - Dr. Seuss 1.49

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Books

 |  Books US$ 3.99

Oh, the Places You'll Go! image

Oh, the Places You'll Go! 1.49

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Books, Travel, Points of Interest, Places

 |  Places US$ 3.99

Dr. Seuss's ABC image

Dr. Seuss's ABC 2.00

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Categories: Android apps, Books

 |  Books US$ 3.99

Google Play Books image

Google Play Books

Innovating the habit of reading

Play Google Books is a utility that lets you access free or pay books directly from your mobile device.

 |  Google+ Free

MP3 Video Converter image

MP3 Video Converter 1.9.48

Convert your video files to MP3 audio!

MP3 Video Converter lets you convert your videos into MP3 and AAC audio files.

 |  MP3 AudioBooks Free

JW Library image

JW Library 1.5.4

Find the translation of 6 Bibles in this app

Developer: Jehovah's Witnesses
Categories: Android apps, Books

 |  Books Free

English-App : Learn English image

English-App : Learn English 493

A great English learning app for Indian learners

Developer: Culture Alley
Categories: English Poets, Language Learning, Learn English, Poems, Poets

 |  English Poets Free

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