Media - Video  Android - Download Media - Video  Apps (3220 applications) image 5.7.3

Make your videos look cool before sharing online!

You can now insert your favorite music into videos to edit or simply apply incredible effects such as ...

 |  Media - Video  Free

YouTube Music image

YouTube Music

All the music from Youtube on your phone!

Access the entire catalog of YouTube and listen to music, watch music videos and stream them on your ...

 |  Youtube Free

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie image

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie 0.74.0

Video walkie-talkie to communicate with your friends

A messaging app that lets you communicate with friends via recorded videos and voice messages.

 |  Group Chat Free

YouTube Kids image

YouTube Kids 1.40.12

Let your kids enjoy a safe YouTube experience.

It offers a huge selection of age-appropriate videos, channels and playlists for kids to watch and ...

 |  Kids Encyclopedia Free

Chromecast image

Chromecast 1.23.35

Connect your smartphone to your TV to watch movies

Chromecast is an accessory the size of a USB memory, used to stream videos and pictures from Android ...

 |  Streaming Free

Kodi image


An open-source cross platform entertainment hub!

Kodi is an award-winning multi-platform application that allows you to manage HTPC (Home Theater PC) ...

 |  Media - Video  Free

YouTube image


Simplified access and sharing

With YouTube, users can watch videos, trailers and movies directly on their mobile device.

 |  Youtube Free

Free Music Player: MixerBox image

Free Music Player: MixerBox 5.95

Listen to Youtube non-stop with this MixerBox

Developer: MixerBox© Inc.
Categories: Music Player, Music Search, Music Videos, Video, Youtube

 |  Youtube Free

YouTube TV - Watch & Record TV image

YouTube TV - Watch & Record TV 1.02.8

Stream content directly to your Android device

Android phones and tablets.

 |  Youtube Free

Instagram No Crop Photo image

Instagram No Crop Photo 1.396.130

You can now post photos on Instagram without clipping

Edit your photos and videos for Instagram without having to crop them when you upload with this ...

 |  Instagram Free

BBC Media Player image

BBC Media Player 3.0.3

Play all audio and video from BBC on your Android device

Developer: Media Applications Technologies for the BBC
Categories: Lifestyle, Media - Video , Media Player, Radio, Radio Stations

 |  BBC Radio Free

Boomerang from Instagram image

Boomerang from Instagram 1.1.1

Create fun short loop videos anywhere you are

It lets you create mini videos that loop back and forth that you can publish on Instagram and other ...

 |  Instagram Free

VLC for Android image

VLC for Android

Play video and music files on your Android device!

An app designed to play any type of video file on your Android device.  

 |  Video Free

MX Player image

MX Player

Watch your videos with greater speed and quality

MX Player is a video player that takes full advantage of your device to show movies in high quality.

 |  Music Free

Podcast Addict - Donate image

Podcast Addict - Donate 1.0.7

Listen to your favorite podcasts with this cool app

If you are a Podcast Addict user, you can help them by donating the value of this application. In ...

 |  Podcast US$ 2.99

VideoShow Pro -  Video Editor image

VideoShow Pro - Video Editor 2.2.6

Get the best video editor for Android

Developer: X-Video Studio
Categories: Android apps, Media - Video , Video

 |  Video US$ 0.99

MX Player Pro image

MX Player Pro

Get the best MX player ever

Developer: J2 Interactive
Categories: Lifestyle, Media - Video , Media Player, Subtitles, Video

 |  Subtitles US$ 5.7

Vision Plus for DJI Phantom 2 image

Vision Plus for DJI Phantom 2 3.10.10

Add an extra edge to your DJI Phantom

Android smartphones and tablets.

 |  Media - Video  US$ 24.99

Automatic Call Recorder Pro image

Automatic Call Recorder Pro 5.26

Save your contacts easily on your smartphone

Developer: Appstar Solutions
Categories: Android apps, Media - Video , Tools , Recorder

 |  Recorder US$ 6.99

IPTV Pro image

IPTV Pro 3.6.0

Watch IPTV anywhere with a connection

Developer: Alexander Sofronov
Categories: Android apps, Lifestyle, Media - Video , TV

 |  TV US$ 2.5

MX Player Codec (ARMv6 VFP) image

MX Player Codec (ARMv6 VFP) 1.7.39

Fully enjoy your videos

MX Player Code (ARMV6 VFP) is a video app that lets you watch videos in various formats directly on your ...

 |  Video Free

KKBOX image


Your favorite songs & artists on your Smartphone

KKBOX has millions of songs in streaming and is also ideal for learning your favorite songs as it ...

 |  Music Player Free

Free Movies image

Free Movies 10.19

Watch numerous free movies with this entertainment app

Turn your Android into a portable cinema with the help of Free Movies.

 |  Free Movies Free

Podcast Go image

Podcast Go 2.4.5

Listen to your favorite podcasts at any time

Devices with Android system.

 |  Podcast Free

PlayView image

PlayView 10.0.1

Stream loads of movies and TV shows from your Android

Developer: You Peliculas
Categories: Audio, Media - Video , Music, Video, Video Downloader

 |  Video Downloader Free

Gallery Vault-Hide Video&Photo image

Gallery Vault-Hide Video&Photo 2.6.5

Hide your private videos and photos with this app

Keep your personal videos and photos safe by creating a secret gallery that you can only access using ...

 |  Hide Video Free

SeriesDroid S image

SeriesDroid S 3.3.1

Enjoy all your favourite TV series on your mobile!

Developer: IndexOutOfBounds
Categories: Media - Video , Subtitles, TV, TV Series, Video

 |  Subtitles Free

Lark Video & Music Player image

Lark Video & Music Player 1.7.7

Play high quality music on your Android device

This audio and video player is the perfect app to enjoy songs and music videos on your device.

 |  Music Player Free

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger image

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger 0.4.4

Developer: Area 120
Categories: Messenger, Recorder, SMS, Social Networking, Social 

 |  Messenger Free

Hangouts Meet image

Hangouts Meet

Video reunions from wherever you are!

Hangouts Meet is a Google app for group video calls which is specially oriented for meetings of any company.

 |  Utilities Free

Video Compressor,Video Trimmer image

Video Compressor,Video Trimmer 2.5.1

A useful tool to compress videos with your Android

Developer: EnjoyMobi Video Editor Studio
Categories: Android apps, Media - Video , Tools , Video

 |  Video Free

U LIVE – Video Chat & Stream image

U LIVE – Video Chat & Stream

Chat for free in high quality using your Android!

Android phones or tablets.

 |  Video Chat Free

Voice Recorder Vox image

Voice Recorder Vox 2.0.7

Easiest way to record voice & share in many formats!

Use your Android to record notes, memos, meetings, interviews and any other type of audio to simplify ...

 |  Voice Recorder Free

Free Music Player for YouTube image

Free Music Player for YouTube 1.0

Developer: SamuelHerbertrr
Categories: Media - Video , Music, Music Player, Video, Youtube

 |  Youtube Free

Vi­deos Peppa Pig image

Vi­deos Peppa Pig

The best Peppa Pig videos for your children!

Developer: Forta-apps
Categories: Education, Lifestyle, Media - Video , Video, Youtube

 |  Youtube Free

Icon8 Art Filters for Selfies image

Icon8 Art Filters for Selfies 1.0.96

Make the most of your selfies with this app!

Icon8 is a photo editor with which you can customize your selfies with various filters to give a unique ...

 |  Vintage Free

Youtube To Mp3 image

Youtube To Mp3 0.1

Convert YouTube videos into MP3 files

Developer: 1875480
Categories: Android apps, Media - Video , Social , Video, Youtube

 |  Youtube Free

Screen Recorder (No Root) image

Screen Recorder (No Root) 1.0

Record your Android screen in just a few steps

Record everything that happens on your phone screen. Ideal for making app tutorials or gameplays.

 |  Video Free

KeepVid - Video Downloader image

KeepVid - Video Downloader 1.0.1

How to download videos directly on your mobile

Download videos from the internet on your phone so you can view them later or share them on social ...

 |  Video Downloader Free

BeeMovie image

BeeMovie 3.8.0

Play your multimedia archives on this great platform

An unsual video player with which, besides being able to watch the videos in your memory or SD card, you ...

 |  Youtube Free

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